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Days Inn O'Hare ORD Parking - Cheap ORD Airport Parking

6.0 miles from airport
1920 East Higgins Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 437-1650

based on 138 reviews Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
15-20 minutes
based on 68 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
15-20 minutes
based on 68 reviews
Daily Drive-up Rate Online Rate You Save
Outdoor Self Park$9.00$6.5028%
$43.00 Weekly: Outdoor Self Park
$175.00 Monthly: Outdoor Self Park

Self ParkSelf Park
TAXES:  6.20%: Sales Tax
PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover
SHUTTLE INFORMATION: Free Airport Shuttle, drop off and pick up. Airport shuttle runs 4:00 AM to 12:00 AM. On the hour. To request the shuttle for pickup from the airport, call from courtesy phone and dial #46 or call the hotel direct at(847)437-1650.
DESCRIPTION: This lot is secured, with security cameras monitoring  the parking lot.  This lot requires a four (4) day minimum stay or $30 total. 
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**This lot requires a four day minimum stay or $30 total. Maximum 4 adults Per/Booking, for extra adults shuttle cost will apply- $10.00/Person, kids are free.

90 West From Down Town
Take 90 West toward Rockford then exit North Elmhurst Rd. At the first light, Oakton St. turn left. At the next light, Higgins Rd. turn left. 1 block down on the left hand side.

90 East to Downtown
Take 90 East to the Arlington Heights exit. Turn right on Arlington Heights Road take to Higgins Rd. (72 East) turn left. Follow the signs 72 east to the hotel.

Take 355 North to 290 West towards Rockford to 53 North. Exit at Higgins Rd. (72 East) turn right. Follow signs 72 East to the hotel.

From 294 North or South
294 to 90 West 90 West to Elmhurst Rd. North exit. At first light, Oakton St., turn left At next light, Higgins St., Turn left One block down on the left hand side

Most Recent Customer Reviews (138 reviews) Write a Review
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
jerry mounts
(September 23, 2015) the service and parking was great
Verified e-mail Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Curteous service, but long wait on return
(September 14, 2015) The people who ran the service were nice to work with. The only problem was that on return to Ohare, it took 55 minutes from the time we called to get a shuttle until we were picked up at the airport.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
terrible service.
(August 27, 2015) I wouldn't recommend going with this hotel and parking here. We were lied to,and left waiting for an extremely long time for the shuttle bus to come pick is up. We waited over an hour and thirty minutes. We ate not satasfied at all. Please choose carefully.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Worst ever
(August 27, 2015) Shuttle to and from airport was crowded and rickety. Staff at hotel was very rude on drop off of car and return. Shuttle doesn't always run, and stops after midnight. Shuttle took 45 min to get to airport after we called and then they did not want to take us, since they had a hotel guest with a lot of luggage who the wanted to take first. Location is a long drive away from airport and the drivers were reckless to and from the airport. When we dropped off the car, the owner of the hotel actually was yelling at a customer because she complained about the van (very small) not being able to get her to the airport. The hotel where you park is not fenced in either and several hotel room windows were cracked and broken. It did mot feel safe parking there
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
It Works
(August 26, 2015) Never drove my car to O'Hare before, and I was pleased by the ease of the location and the shuttle...and by how inexpensive. Even better: by mistake, I lock a door but did not close it all the way. Dead battery. But the shuttle driver graciously gave me a jump. I was so grateful.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Average Service
(August 25, 2015) The wait time for shuttle is every 1 hr. So if you miss one you have to wait an hour. This does not go well when you have a flight.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
The Worst service ever - Do Not Use This Days Inn!
(August 25, 2015) I would only give this property a 0 rating but it is not an option. Also my car is making noises that were not heard prior to parking at this hotel lot. The ultimate insult was I was kept waiting over 1 hour 37 min for the shuttle puck up at the airport upon my return. Never ever will I use or recommend this property. The staff was rude, unprofessional and lied about their shuttle service schedule.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Unacceptably long wait for shuttle
(August 23, 2015) I called for the shuttle as soon as I reached the baggage claim area, door 3, as directed by Days Inns staff. I was informed that the shuttle had just left and another would be there in an hour. I waited an hour and 17 minutes! This was another case of "You get what you pay for"! No more budget parking for this traveler!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Days Inn Parking
(August 18, 2015) When I called the Days Inn prior to parking, I was told the shuttle left on the hour to go to the airport. We timed our arrival at the parking site accordingly, 20 min. before the hour only to be told the shuttle had just left and might not return until half past the hour. When I expressed concern, the woman at the desk made some calls and ultimately the driver arrived at 15 past the hour. Our return pick-up happened quickly within 10 minutes of our call. There is not a designated area for long term parking, rather the parking is among the cars of the guests in the hotel. It is somewhat crowded. We suffered a small dent in our bumper while parked. The shuttle drivers were polite and we appreciated the price of the parking.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 minutes
Wait time not an issue
(August 14, 2015) While we did have to wait for about 30 minutes each time, we were given the approximate times that the shuttle would be heading to the airport and picking us up. We knew that we would probably have to wait because this hotel was a few miles away from the airport. We were willing to wait because of the excellent price. Both shuttle drivers were courteous and fun to talk to.
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