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Park Go Fly USA MIA Airport Parking

1.2 miles from airport
3975 NW 25TH ST
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 526-2020

based on 312 reviews Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
5-10 minutes
based on 168 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
5-10 minutes
based on 168 reviews
$5.35 Daily: Outdoor Valet
$7.75 Daily: Covered Valet

$37.45 Weekly: Outdoor Valet
$54.25 Weekly: Covered Valet

$133.75 Monthly: Outdoor Valet
$186.25 Monthly: Covered Valet

Covered ParkingCovered
Valet ParkingValet
Car WashCar Wash
TAXES:  7.00%: Sales Tax
PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
SHUTTLE INFORMATION: Free Shuttle from 6:00 am available until 11.00 pm.
Car Wash: Wash and Vaccum $15. Car Detailing from $55 to $115.

VIP Indoor Valet Parking - not just covered, but indoors away from the elements! Just 1.2 mile drive from east side of the Miami airport . There is also an outdoor option available that is also secure and fenced.

Park Go Fly  is located at the AutoBoutique Building.

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Hours of operation are 6am to 11pm.

Park Go Fly Usa is located at the AutoBoutique Building.

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Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
first time, highly recommended
(November 8, 2014) flew out of MIA for the first time in at least a decade. I live in Fort Lauderdale so most of my flying is now done from there, really dread going to MIA but in this case had to. easy to find, GPS (phone) found it without problems. Whether you're new to Miami or not, it behooves you to do 5 minutes of homework and a street-level review of where you're going so you're not stressing out when you get there and you can't find the street name/number. once I got there, filled out paperwork, showed license, prepaid (some others mentioned some apprehension at that and I must say I was a little iffy on that too) but after seeing what these guys do (they rent exotics) you can trust that they won't go after your $25 or whatever you're paying for parking (it was $25 for me for 4 days) you get a ticket with their phone number and upon my return it took less than 5 minutes for our driver to show up. Both at departure and upon return, everyone from the guy at the desk to the drivers were courteous, helpful and fun to drive with. Definitely recommend and will try again if I ever fly out of MIA in the future.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
(November 4, 2014) Worked out perfectly. Would definitely use again. Employees were polite & pleasant.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
E Xcellent site
(October 26, 2014) Excellent service. Ease of finding location very close to a import. Definitely would recommend and use again.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
the best place ever, to parking.
(October 26, 2014) This is the second time that we used this place to park our truck. The service is great and the employees well trained to give the best service. We are very happy with the service and we will use again on our next vacation. Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 15-20 minutes
St. Kitts Trip
(October 21, 2014) We were very satisfied with the service.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
(October 14, 2014) great service all the way
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
Crown Plaza Royal
(October 5, 2014) It was my intention, on the computer, to book at Crown Plaza, but my credit card was being refused. The I got an email saying my booking transaction was incomplete, so I booked thru that e-mail...but I was surprised to find I was switched to ParkGoFly USA. I had a flight returning at 10.45pm and ParkGoFly closes at 11.00. The driver was helpful, and told me to call prior to return. I left all my baggage behind, to give minimal delay to ParkGoFly. I would only want a 24hour facility, as in the past I have been stranded in the airport overnight for this reason. Other than this, I was very happy with ParkGoFly USA.
Verified e-mail Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
less expensive - much more convenient
(September 25, 2014) Excellent service. very good car wash (extra). much cheaper than the airport lot and much more convenient.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Another good trip
(September 16, 2014) They delivered us safely to our terminal and picked us up promptly. A good value with good service. Our only suggestion is to freshen up or replace their van. However you are only in it for 5 minutes so it still works.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Had Never Used Them -- Was a Bit Anxious -- Needn't Have Worried
(August 27, 2014) Mostly I park at airport-run long term lots. This was my first time flying out of MIA which doesn't really have a long term lot. Found Park Go Fly on the internet -- they took reservations. Was worried they'd be hard to find, and take a long time to get to terminal. My GPS took me right to them, and the trip to the terminal was fast. Coming back from Switzerland, I was supposed to call for pickup on departure level 2. Having never used MIA before, didn't know where that was, but a question at info desk set me straight; made my call; they picked me up, and I was away home no muss no fuss. If I fly out of MIA again, I will definitely use them; also would recommend them.
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