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Pacifico Airport Valet Service
6715 Essington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 492-0990

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Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
10-15 minutes
based on 17 reviews
$7.50 Daily: Outdoor Valet

Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
(September 25, 2015) Good Esperience
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Weekend Trip
(September 16, 2015) Very good service for the price. I really enjoyed my car being brought to me at the airport for immediate drive home!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
(September 11, 2015) My experiences with Pacifico Valet service has been one of complete satisfaction. The folks in the office and the drivers are courteous and professional in every way. I would never use any other parking service when travelling from PHL.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Always a pleasure
(August 6, 2015) Loved being able to have my car delivered upon my return home and go straight home.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 minutes
Wait for car to be delivered to us after arriving home at PHL
(July 27, 2015) Our wait for our car on our return trip was longer than expected. We found out from the employee who drove our car to the airport that our car could not be located at first. To compensate for the extra wait time, the employee gave us two coupons good for a year for 40% off and apologized to us for the wait. My wife and I appreciate his honesty.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
(July 25, 2015) Attitude of lady on phone was ok. Truck came back dirty on outside as if it was parked at a construction site. Speed of service was good. Very convenient.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Service was excellent
(July 17, 2015) Both to and from the airport was s great experience. Someone was waiting to take us to the airport within a minute of entering the check in building and someone picked us up within 15 minutes when we came back (and it was 4:30 am). I would highly recommend this affordable and efficient service.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
why we use pacifico
(July 7, 2015) We have been using pacifico for a few years.We found them to be timely and pleasent,even had the car detailed twiced,looked better than new!!!!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Great option!
(June 24, 2015) Love the service of being picked up with my own car. Drivers were friendly, courteous and safe.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Another job well done
(May 12, 2015) We have used Pacifico Airport Valet for years. They continue to provide us with reliable service at a fair price. It is great to return home, get our car and start for home without going back to the office. Their drivers are friendly and assist us with our bags every time. We hope they continue to do a great job moving forward.
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Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
The best
(April 29, 2015) It is so easy for me to. travel because I get such good service from Pacifico Valet.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Great service!
(April 28, 2015) Great service the drivers were timely and courteous. Will your Service when ever I fly out of Philadelphia.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
(April 28, 2015) my trip was cancelled. I never parked at Pacifico.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 15-20 minutes
thank you
(April 5, 2015) We liked both of our drivers. Both were friendly and polite. Definitely a do again.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
shuttle wait time
(March 8, 2015) The longer wait was due to the weather conditions.
Verified e-mail Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
i agree with the last post
(May 8, 2013) to the customer who thinks he overpaid just like the review before this one the drivers are taking a big risk with your car for less than min wage.the 5.00 fee goes to the owner not the driver,you wouldnt go to a resturant and give less than 15 % so tip the drivers according to their bill min at least 5.00 i always give 10.00 .remember they basically work off tips and there taking care of your auto so dont be cheap you wouldnt like it if you got stiffed of a lousy 2 and 3 dollar wouldnt give your kid 3 bucks so dont embarrass grow men with insulting tips love the service
Verified e-mail Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
pacifico airport valet/customers
(August 9, 2012) This is to make customers know the facts, the 5.00valet fee is not for the driver knorr is the 12.00 charge for the time saver credit card. The pacifico drivers are paid below min. Wage. And look forward to a decent tip, after all its not a garage,they drive your vehicle on the roads and highwaythat are dangerousonly because ive seen and witnessed fatalitys on these roads, so next time you tip, please be generous.
Verified Stay Review
(November 5, 2010) Excellent service and would do it again!
Verified Stay Review
valet fee unclear inrelation to tipping driver
(October 29, 2010) The service was fine. But your valet fee is confusing. We tipped each driver each way and then discovered that you had already charged us a 'valet fee'. So we ended up overpaying. My husband gave each driver five dollars and then I saw on the receipt that you had charged me the same amount. Obviously I have no receipt for the tips my husband gave the drivers. I'd like a refund of $10.00 if that is possible. NG
Verified Stay Review
Too much time
(October 22, 2010) I have used Pacifico several times but the last two have left me with a sad feeling. I believe the drivers are always friendly and efficient. My problem was with the delay in delivering my car to the airport. This time I waited 45 minutes, the last time over 25 minutes. If I want to wait around the airport, I will take a shuttle and forget valet parking.
Verified Stay Review
(October 12, 2010) great
Verified Stay Review
(October 9, 2010) Our stay with Pacifico was wonderful and I have no complaints! The staff was friendly and they were timely in getting us to and picking us up from the airport.
Verified Stay Review
Friendly & easy to & from
(October 8, 2010) Friendly & easy to & from
Verified Stay Review
Great Service
(August 25, 2010) The most convenient way in and out of the airport.
Verified Stay Review
Not the friendliest staff
(August 21, 2010) Person I dealt with when dropping my car was great, friendly, courteous and professional. Upon returning my experience was drastically different. Phone operator was rude and inpatient and cashier gave me a hard time about amount I prepaid. Other than that I felt comfortable leaving my car at Pacifico...would be nice to have a friendlier reception home. Isn't Philadelphia supposed to be the city of brotherly love?!?
Verified Stay Review
Great Service
(August 21, 2010) We don't travel much but when we do we use Pacifico. The staff is very professional & friendly. Drop-off & pick-up are quick. And no fear of delay for your flight.
Verified Stay Review
(No subject)
(August 14, 2010)
Verified Stay Review
Nancy Schaffer- parking
(August 12, 2010) Your parking valet service was wonderful. It ended up costing a bit more than I thought though. The att4endants were courteous and professional.
Verified Stay Review
(August 2, 2010) This service is SLICK! I would recommend this to anyone who needs to park their car for a longer period of time. The staff was courteous, punctual and professional. I will use this service any time I need to fly out of the Philadelphia area. Great job, guys!
Verified Stay Review
(July 29, 2010) very pleased with the service will use again
Verified Stay Review
I'll never use the PHL economy lots again
(July 20, 2010) Both drivers were courteous, professional, and prompt. This was my first experience with Pacifico and I was highly impressed- I will never use the PHL economy lots again.
Verified Stay Review
Great service
(July 10, 2010) I always use this service when I fly from Philly because of it's convenience and the nice drivers
Verified Stay Review
comments on service
(July 1, 2010) Great service no delay on arrival at Pacifico checkin and on return fast pickup. Will use again.
Verified Stay Review
Airport Valet Service
(June 2, 2010) The parking rate was fine. Drivers were friendly and professional. Pickup and delivery right on time. Great evperience would use service again.
Verified Stay Review
(May 15, 2010) Excellent service, recommend to all of my acquaintances. The drivers were most courteous. Upon my return to the airport, my automobile arrived as promised within approximately "15".
Verified Stay Review
Incorrect Return Date
(May 13, 2010) Drivers-courteous. Check-in quick. Trip to airport quick. Return date recorded incorrectly, causing need for 2 phone calls and approximately 25 minute wait in cold weather for pick-up.
Verified Stay Review
Easy Valet service
(April 21, 2010) Minimal wait time for delivery and pick up . Very efficient.
Verified Stay Review
Great if you aren't running late
(April 21, 2010) Very nice service and courteous drivers, but it is a little further from the airport and there can tend to be lines and a bit of a wait. So, if you are scrambling to catch your flight I wouldn't recommend risking it - but otherwise it was very convenient and affordable.
Verified Stay Review
Outstanding Friendly Service!
(April 13, 2010) Everyone at Pacifico was great to work with. A friendly, congenial bunch if there ever was one. Also, very courteous, helpful and professional drivers. This place rocks!! Highly recommended!!!
Verified Stay Review
Pacifico PHL
(April 8, 2010) This was one of the best experiences we have had with airport parking. The service was wonderful. We were picked up within minutes of arriving. The staff was friendly and we will use them again. We have already booked another facility near EWR thru About Airport Parking.
Verified Stay Review
My experience
(March 30, 2010) It was a little hectic checking in as it was raining and very busy and took more time than expected but everyone was very nice and I had enough time to get to the airport. On the return at almost midnight, I had a very nice man pick me up an get me out quickly, which was appreciated at that time of the night.. I will definitely use you again when I travel. Thanks
Verified Stay Review
Pacifico Airport Valet
(March 28, 2010) This was the first time that I used Pacifico as my normal lot was sold out. The service was great and I definitely will use it for future travel - both personal and business. Keep up the good work.
Verified Stay Review
Great service
(March 27, 2010) As always Pacifico always provides great service.
Verified Stay Review
airport valet sevice
(March 3, 2010) very good service
Verified Stay Review
Pacifico Valet
(February 21, 2010) All went well with my reservation and the service at Pacifico. I don't think they have had a reservation thru this Airport Parking service. But they handled it well. Good service, good pickup at airport on my return. No problems. I lucked out and there was no more snow while I was away so there was no need to clean off the car...but there could have been. So I was glad I left my car with Pacifico. Will use them again. The discount thru your website was much appreciated.
Verified Stay Review
(February 10, 2010) Everything was great. The car was cleaned of snow and arrived on time. We appreciated all the hard work.
Verified Stay Review
First Timer
(January 21, 2010) I don't know why we've been taking a car service for the past 10 years!!! I guess with the economy the way it is.. I wanted to explore other options. I was very apprehensive,,, 3 children, 3 bags, and myself. Getting to Pacifico and the airport, was a breeze... Coming home, I would have called them when the plane landed. We had carry-on bags...we waited a bit, but overall,,,it was a great system. Everyone was courteous and professional. For a fraction of the price of the car service,,,, can't beat it!!! We'll be back!
Verified Stay Review
i was leary but all went well
(January 6, 2010) staff was friendly and courteous. price was right. convenient and fast to respond. would use again and would recommend! thanx
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