Southwest BUR Airport Parking

0.3 miles from airport
4400 Empire Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 565-3440

based on 444 reviews Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 44 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 44 reviews
$6.00 Daily: Outdoor Self Park

Self ParkSelf Park
TAXES: All taxes included in daily rate.
PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
SHUTTLE INFORMATION: **There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport** Due to the fact that this lot is adjacent to the street, just southwest of the airport, there is no shuttle service. The walk is a very short 5 to 10 minutes to airport terminals.

This is a secured, fenced lot with 24 hour staffing and security camera.  You may call the lot 24 hours per day at 818.565.3440 for directions or assistance.

If heading north on N Hollywood Way, take a left (heading west) onto W Empire Ave.  The lot is on the left when heading west.

**There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport** The lot is within a five to ten minute walk to the Burbank airport for most travellers.


**There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport**

This lot is within walking distance, about one to two block.  The walk time to the airport would be between five and ten minutes for most travellers. Please allow enough time to walk across the street to the terminals.

There is an attendant at this lot 24 hours per day.

The lot is next to the Burbank Bob Hope Airport Metrolink Station.

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Verified Stay Review
Great Price, good stay
(December 7, 2014) Obviously this is the best price you will pay for airport parking anywhere. The lot fills up quick and is hard to turn back around in, (it's long and narrow with one way in and out). You then have to walk the half mile to the airport. The lot is not secure, but there were many luxury cars parked seemingly with no problems. All in all, great deal if that is what you are looking for.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
my review
(December 1, 2014) excellent service. i will definitely use your services again.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
Basic cheap parking
(November 18, 2014) Basic cheap parking within a 3-5 min walk to the terminal. Parking is very tight with no room to turn. You must back out of your spot to the entrance in order to exit. Or some people back up into their spot from the entrance in order to drive out when they exit. Worth the effort though.
Verified Stay Review
(November 16, 2014) It was ok. I had trouble finding the lot that day. It was located slightly different than I had thought. I called the phone number listed for them, and no one answered. When I did figure out where it was, there was an attendant there, so not sure why someone didn't answer the phone.
Verified Stay Review
Best BUR parking
(November 5, 2014) This is the best BUR parking. No shuttle, but an easy walk to the terminal. Can't beat the $6/day rate.
Verified Stay Review
(October 31, 2014) No shuttle but it's so close, there's no need for it. Only downside (hardly one at all) is that it's a bit tricky to exit.
Verified Stay Review
great do-it-yourself place!
(October 31, 2014) there's no shuttle that I know of, but if you're ok with walking the roughly 2 blocks with your suitcase to the airport, this place is fabulous. the walk is good for you when it very well may be a day you're missing the gym & the employees are very, very cool. parking lot full/ they'll park it for you. bad day? they listen. I will never use another lot!
Verified Stay Review
Could do better
(October 29, 2014) Pros- good price and location Cons - Attendant does not understand what we say and we don't understand what the Attendant says. Had to wait for several minutes, honking and calling the landline to locate the attendant at around 11 pm during drop off and around 12 midnight during pickup. Had to wait on the road before attendant could let us in.
Verified Stay Review
Review for Southwest Parking
(October 26, 2014) Walking distance and decent price, Thank you!
Verified Stay Review
BURBANK airport
(October 22, 2014) It's good value for the money, short walk to terminal. Problem is it is hard to turn car around to get to exit, if the space next to us wouldn't have been empty we would have had to back up 300 yards all the way to the entrance/exit.
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