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Thrifty BOS Parking - Cheap BOS Airport Parking

2.9 miles from airport
40 Lee Burbank Highway
Revere, MA 02128
(617) 568-0100

based on 246 reviews Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 112 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 112 reviews
Daily Drive-up Rate Online Rate You Save
Outdoor Valet$17.45$16.993%

Valet ParkingValet
Oil ChangeOil Change
Car WashCar Wash
TAXES: All taxes included in daily rate.
PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
SHUTTLE INFORMATION: Free shuttle, continuous operation 24-7.
Oil Change: Standard Five Quart Oil Change with Filter / All fluid levels checked
Car Wash: Full Service from Car Wash to Full Service "Detail" Service - starting as low as
DESCRIPTION: PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THE CHELSEA STREET BRIDGE IS CLOSED! Please be sure to map your route prior to driving to the lot.

Conveniently located just 2 miles South of the Airport Proper. 24-7 Operation, fully fenced and secured by an on-duty security person. Continuous shuttle service to your airline terminal access. Friendly and efficient luggage assistance. Your car will be available upon your return, free of ice and snow in the winter and cooled in the summer.

This location offers Zingle (SMS Text based) payment option.

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Verified e-mail Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
Great experience
(September 22, 2015) We had an early morning flight and decided to try this company, our experience was excellent. We arrived at lot, parked our car and were on a shuttle and at airport with no issues. We had a late flight home, called number on ticket to let them know we landed, found shuttle( the only confusing part of this experience was where to get picked up) shuttle was there in 5 minutes, our car was ready when we returned. Thanks for the great service.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
Quick weekend
(August 26, 2015) My friend couldn't drive me to the airport so at the last minute I had to resolve the situation quickly. I then remembered having parked here before and it was a good experience. I booked online to get a discount, made my way there despite bad traffic. Great experience again. Everyone is really nice. They get you there and back smoothly. Be sure to allow time for traffic getting to Thrifty, and for the terminal stops before your terminal destination. Be sure to tip the drivers since they handle your luggage!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
Great service
(August 11, 2015) No waiting. Easy and quick process. The drivers are very nice and kind. Loved it!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Once Upon A Time...
(July 29, 2015) Overall - OK - finding the pick up spot was not well marked in the airport and the parking service provided no instructions where to meet the shuttle. I have no idea what "Review Title" means for the entry above. I am making something up just to submit this review.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
It has it's +'s and it has it's -'s
(May 30, 2015) I really have mixed views on your service. Let's start with +'s 1. Close and convenient 2. Nice greeting people on my way out 3. No wait for shuttle to leave 4. Card to tell me what to do -'s 1. First time person so drop off at Jet Blue wasn't at Departures...driver acted like I knew what to do...I didn't 2. Pick up was a night mare 3. When I called the guy said go to door clue where to go...but I figured it out 4. My wait was over 45 minutes....but the biggest aggravation is you have no idea if you have missed the shuttle? Do they really know I'm here and where is it and how long is it going to be? 5. I called 3 times and was told 'he's coming around'.....but I was at 'C' and going around should just be 'A & B'.......on the third called I asked can't you call him to see where he is just so I know.....he hung up!!!! Your staff and the driver and my receipt in my car upon departure were really good. But, the need to treat 'ALL' people like it's their first visit.....second....when you don't know and I had a 5 hour delay and it's 12:45am.........just having an answer would have helped. A tracking system on an 'APP'......someone who is in touch with the driver...whatever But not knowing is frustrating and I think it was for the dispatcher as well. Hope this helps!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
(May 26, 2015) Perfect... is all I can say... thank you ... Rosalie
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
Great first experience with Thrifty Parking!
(May 14, 2015) Transit to Logan was timely and comfortable. All personnel were courteous and helpful. Our car was ready and waiting for us, and already cooled down, when we arrived back at the lot to pick it up. We'll definitely use this service again!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Wait time
(May 2, 2015) As in the past, I did not have to wait long for the shuttle bus to and from the airport. When I did arrive to pick up my car it was running and ready for me! Friendly staff and great service!! Thank you!!
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
good alternative if no urgency
(March 23, 2015) We dealt with some return flight issues and then had one member returning home sick. The long wait wouldn't normally been a big issue but with it being late at night and our son sick each minute felt like an hour. All staff were courteous and efficient though.
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