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Thrifty Portland PDX Parking - Cheap PDX Airport Parking

3.4 miles from airport
10800 NE Holman
Portland, OR 97220
(888) 634-7275

Less than 5 minutes based on 259 reviews">

based on 553 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 259 reviews
Daily Drive-up Rate Online Rate You Save
Outdoor Self Park$10.50$9.995%
$57.99 Weekly: Outdoor Self Park

Self ParkSelf Park
TAXES:  10.00%: Local tax.
PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Check
SHUTTLE INFORMATION: Free 24/7 shuttles to and from the airport every 5-7 minutes.
DESCRIPTION: Safe, secure, aiport parking for Portland International Airport. Free 24 hour shuttle.
1. How far from the airport is your lot?
We are located less than 1.5 miles from Portland International Airport.

2. What exit from the freeway do I take to get to your parking lot?
Take exit 24B from the north or exit 24 from the south on I-205.

3. How long does it take to get to the airport from your parking lot?
It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to get to PDX.

4. How do I get back to your lot when I return from my trip?
Our shuttles run continuously between 4:30 AM and Midnight to and from Portland International Airport. At PDX, go to the curb outside of our Rental Kiosk in the parking garage. Between Midnight and 4:30 AM please call for a shuttle by using the courtesy phone on our Car Rental desk at both airports.

5. How do I get airlines miles?
When you leave our parking lot, ask our cashier for an airlines mileage application card. Fill out the card and after you've parked with us three times we will send the card in and have your mileage account credited with the earned mileage.

6. Will you help me with my luggage?
Yes, our shuttle drivers will help you load and unload your luggage. (Our drivers will lift a maximum weight of 45 lbs per bag.)

7. How do you calculate parking charges?
Our parking charges are based on a 24 hour day beginning when you arrive on our parking lot. The rate is plus applicable city, county taxes and airport fees.

8. Do you offer the same auto services in Portland?
We offer Lube, Oil and Filter changes and complete interior and exterior car washes.

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Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Solid service!
(October 26, 2016) I use Thrifty often and in most cases the shuttle services are very good. There was one instance in the last five where the wait for a shuttle was excessive, IMO.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
parking / storage
(October 24, 2016) Very good to outstanding service. Driver was exceptionally good.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
Easy parking
(October 14, 2016) Convenient parking. We ended up being overcharged (10.99 per day rather than the 9.99 per day stated on our reservation.) Drivers were courteous and helpful.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
Thrifty car parking
(October 3, 2016) Was a great experience all staff was so polite and friendly lot I'd very clean and we'll lit I would recommend you to all I come in contact with and that would be a lot of people who travel for I am a bar manager great job by all at thrifty thank you
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
Convenient and safe
(September 11, 2016) Convenient, will park here again.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
(July 28, 2016) The 9.99 rate quoted for this lot was not honored. I was charged the regular rate of 10.99. Other than that it was a great lot.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
Another super experience with Thrifty
(July 14, 2016) All of your employees have been pleasant, helpful, and courteous. It is very helpful to be given the small card with your phone number (for after hours) and my parking space number.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
(July 8, 2016) Nicely done.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
Very fast, very easy
(July 7, 2016) I had been using the economy lot at the airport for my last few trips, believing it was easier and closer to PDX than Thrifty. However, the last time I parked in the airport lot, I had to wait several minutes for a bus to pick me up, and had a hard time finding my car on my return. In my experience, Thrifty is less expensive, easier, and actually faster than the economy lot, and the drivers are patient, kind, and helpful.
Verified Stay Review Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 minutes
rudeness will not get you repeat business
(July 5, 2016) Waiting for the shuttle to pick me up, I was supposed to wait at my car. It was very dark, little to no lighting in the parking lot, and there was no shuttle to pick me up. I wasn't comfortable standing at my car as I didn't know when the next shuttle would actually come. There were many empty shuttle parked in the lot, just none of them were running. There was another couple that also went to the main building to wait for a shuttle. I was directed to by an employee. Upon my return, I didn't have my parking space number and the shuttle driver gave me a hard time. I told him I knew exactly where I parked and I could easily direct him. He wanted the actual space number and he was relentless about it saying I should have stayed with my car when I was picked up. Well, if you actually had shuttles running and I didn't have to wait over 20 minutes, I would have stayed at my car. Screw you buddy. Do you actually want repeat business? The original shuttle driver was also rude. He was rude to the other couple as well as myself. Thinking about it now, I will give it only two stars instead of three
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