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Omni Airport Parking

Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait
10-15 minutes
based on 201 reviews
7640 Narcoossee Road
Orlando, FL 32822
4.7 miles from airport
(888) 501-4806
Outdoor Self Park
Outdoor Valet


Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Valet ParkingValet
Car WashCar Wash
16.50%: 6.5% sales tax/10% airport transfer
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Check
Shuttle Information:

Runs every 5-10 minutes 24/7 365 days


Our brand new airport parking and car rental facility features a fully secured, well lit, extensive parking lot. Security cameras are featured inside our facility, and all through the parking lot. Large light posts sit on our parking lot, allowing for a more secured parking experience. Drive under our covered entrance, and drop your keys off with an attendant. Your vehicle will then be valeted to a parking spot. Yes, valet! No need to park your vehicle, and carry your heavy luggage. Rather, we invite you to step inside our 3,000sqft all glass modern building, and relax until the next shuttle arrives. Our shuttles run every 15 minutes, and offers free water bottles to all our guests. Sit down, relax, and enjoy your quick ride to Orlando International Airport (MCO). You MUST make reservations online in order to take advantage of this special parking rate. Address and directions provided on confirmation.




Is shuttle service provided to/from the airport?

Yes, our shuttles are provided free of charge to all our guests. They run approximately every 15 minutes.

How far are you located away from Orlando International Airport (MCO)?

We are located only 2 miles away.

Is your facility paved?

Yes, our facility is fully paved, lit and secured. What are your hours of operations? We are open 24/7



Green Motion Orlando & Omni Airport Parking is located only 2 miles away from the Orlando International Airport. If coming from Orlando, Take I-4. Then take 528 East towards the Orlando International Airport. Take exit 13, Narcoossee Rd, and make a left upon exiting. Continue driving for 0.7 miles, and our facility will be the left hand side. DIRESTIONS
Signature Airport Parking & Car Rental is located only 2 miles away from the Orlando International Airport.
If coming from Orlando, Take I-4. Then take 528 East towards the Orlando International Airport. Take exit 13, Narcoossee Rd, and make a left upon exiting. Continue driving for 0.7 miles, and our facility will be the left hand side.


Most Recent Customer Reviews (202 reviews)
Great service!
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
(August 29, 2017) We used Omni Parking for five weeks while we were on a trip. We scheduled our parking online which was easy. Upon our return, an Omni van just pulled up at the airport. We loaded and were back at Omni within ten minutes. The driver was very very nice and called in my reservation number since I hadn't done that yet. The car was waiting for us as we pulled into the Omni Parking area. Excellent service and nice attendants. Thanks
about your service we recieved
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
(August 25, 2017) There is nothing i could complain about,everything was perfect,
OMNI Parking, Orlando, FL
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 minutes
(August 22, 2017) Excellent customer service; courteous staff; shuttles ran every 15 minutes (short wait times)
Morning Chaos
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 minutes
(August 13, 2017) We arrived at the facility at 5:45. There were a lot of people waiting to be helped and for the shuttle. We pulled up to drop the car off and there was only one person taking info. The cars were backed up so the line was very long. My husband finally was able to get help and we had to wait on line for the shuttle for at least 10 minutes. We have used this facility when it was Signature. Apparently, it was sold and the service is not as good as Signature was. We were lucky on the return. Our car was out front waiting for us and we were fortunate to catch the shuttle right away. The woman sitting behind us told us how lucky we were because they had waited over 30 minutes at the airport to catch the shuttle. We used you service this time because we had used Signature twice in the past and it was timely and good service. Although you prices are good I believe we will use someone else next time since I don't want to have the same feeling that we had with you this time-even though we left enough time for transport I was afraid of late check in and possible lost luggage.
Great service
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 15-20 minutes
(August 4, 2017) Second time I've used them while flying out to see family. My car was safe and always had friendly shuttle drivers. Would definitely use them in the future.
Things started well
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 15-20 minutes
(August 4, 2017) We had a little trouble finding the lot because of a name change, but service was great when we arrived. Transferred to the airport was fast and smooth. Our return to pick-up the car was different, however. Pick-up at the airport was fine for us, but there were more people waiting to return to the parking lot than the shuttle could hold (late night flight). A second shuttle was called and the ones left at the airport arrived at the lot soon after we did. But things fell apart at the lot. Too many people, not enough attendants. Some patrons became angry. Supposedly, Omni purchased the company recently and the new company is still working out the kinks. Price for car storage was great.
messages on phone
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
(August 3, 2017) I received numerous messages on my phone. I sent the reservation code back but still kept receiving messages. I used a wheel chair at the terminal and took a little longer than usual to get to the pick up station. With so many messages I finally called an 800 number to verify things were OK. Other than that the experience was very good.
Never Again! Waited Over 45 Minutes for a Rude Shuttle Driver
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
(July 28, 2017) I got my luggage at 11:45pm and headed to the shuttle bus area. I tried calling the number they asked me to call, but got a message that the number was temporarily unavailable. Meanwhile I as sitting on a bench waiting for my shuttle (I am disabled). Within 5 minutes an Omni Shuttle arrived, pulled in to the spot. I got up and started walking to the shuttle, but to my surprise the shuttle immediately backed out and drove away! It didn't stop for more than 30 seconds. I continued to try to call, but kept getting the same message that the number was temporarily unavailable. I tried another number I found on the internet, but no one ever answered (I was on hold for more than 30 minutes). I figured another shuttle would be along shortly, but I did not see another shuttle for 35 minutes! This time I was standing, waiting at the stop. The driver got out and said that this shuttle was full and we would have to wait for the next shuttle, but he recommended we walk from space 38 down to space 12 because they were full every time. I am unable to walk the 26 spaces down due to my disability and told the driver as much. He called the next driver and asked how long before he was at my stop. Another 10 minutes later the next shuttle arrived and "Peter" had space for us. He was rude and told us we were lying when we said we had been waiting 45 minutes for the shuttle. He denied ever pulling in and then immediately pulling away. He continued to argue with me over how long i waited and then began telling me about how he was paid less than minimum wage and that he shouldn't even be working for Omni. He continued to loudly berate me as he picked up more guests. On his final stop we were full and he said he was going to make a "technical stop" since we were full. He pulled into the space and then immediately pulled back out. Exactly like I said he did 45 minutes earlier! Once back at Omni, my car was not ready despite my texting my claim number to Omni. When my Lexus arrived from the valet there was black mud on my floor mats, carpet and even on the seat! I mentioned this to the valet and he asked me if I wanted him to run it thorugh the wash. NO ! This was around 1:30am and I was SO over this whole horrible experience. Never, ever, ever again. Just say NO to Omni.
Wait Time
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: More than 30 minutes
(July 28, 2017) Everything I received when I made my reservation indicated "Signature." Nowhere did it say "Omni." Drove up and down the street looking for "Signature." The check in was then fine. The return was ridiculous. I sent my text with the code as instructed (when I got off the plane). When I got to the "spot" indicated, the sign said pick up was moved to another spot as the spot Omni indicated said it was now for taxis. I made my way to the "new spot." Another person was there waiting and said she had already been waiting over a half hour. After aboutt 20 minutes, the shuttle was then coming, he acted as though he was going to pull into the parking spot and then suddenly just zoomed off. Never pulled in, never stopped for us. We both called the toll free number asking when the shuttle was coming. She was on hold over 5 minutes and hung up. I waited and told the guy about what happened. All he said was that someone would be there in 5 to 10 minutes. About 30 minutes later, the shuttle shows up. EVERYONE inside was complaining about the pick up! When we arrived at the lot, no one's car was waiting. They said, although not promised, that if you sent the text an hour early, they could possibly have your car ready. Waited at least another half hour for my car. Poor poor poor rating for the return.
Not the best
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 minutes
(July 27, 2017) Drive back was a little confusing, driver circled around the airport, dropped.people off who were already on the shuttle when we got on, maybe they forgot to get off the first time, not sure what that was all about Where ever my vehicle was parked at your lot I had ants all.over the side of my truck, in the door jam, a few made it in the truck,
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