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7653 Narcoossee Road, Orlando, FL 32218
(407) 601-7444
2.0 miles from airport
10-15 min
Drive-up Rate
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Outdoor Valet

  • * Outdoor Valet DailyRate: $4.99


Services Offered:
Valet ParkingValet
Oil ChangeOil Change
Car WashCar Wash
16.50%: Airport tax and sales tax
$2.00: Airport access fee
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
Shuttle Information:

Two Shuttles, 1 leaves every 5-10 Minutes. 700 spaces on a fully fenced, 24 hour attended lot. Car care services available. Receive the outstanding service you deserve!


Fully fenced and paved lot.








• Expressway (SR 528) East or west

• Take exit #13 Narcoosee RD and turn right when coming from 528East or turn left when coming from 528West.

• Proceed .3 miles on Narcoosee Rd, Parking lot is on Right side

Most Recent Customer Reviews (1181 reviews)
Long waiting time for shuttle pickup
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(October 31, 2017) Almost took 1hr to get me into parking area.. we called at 10.30 pm for pickup and shuttle came on 11.05 pm and started towards.. in middle of driver took reverse and came back to airport parking lot to pickup other customer and reached out to parking at 11.35 pm.. horrible experience with these guys..
My last trip
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(October 26, 2017) This place provides an excellent service. I have being using them for more than 10 years.
the only problem
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(October 25, 2017) all good but you lost my car key - they said they would keep looking - its a transponder -so costly to replace
Not enough shuttles
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(October 13, 2017) Other companies had 3-4 shuttles for pickup come before PARK ME FLY had 1. The company needs to invest in a few more shuttles. Our shuttle was packed with people sitting and standing - absolutely no more room. Didn't look safe to me -especially if we were in an accident. They just need more shuttle buses.
Good Price
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(October 10, 2017) Good price, but you get what you paid for. No bells and whistles.
Great Experience
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(October 6, 2017) We were very pleased with the service that was offered. Thank You
Park Me Fly Review October 2017
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 min
(October 4, 2017) Wait timeof 10-15 minutes was at parking lot at car drop off. Shuttle van (white one) to airport was dirty (interior of van). Female driver of that shuttle to airport was very polite and helpful. Wait time at airport pickup was quick. That v an was clean. Check in was fine. Our vehicle had been pulled up for us when we arrived back at the parking lot and that was nice.
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(September 17, 2017) Waiting 45 minutes for a PICK UP after the call is too long! Everyone is courteous and the car was ready to drive away from the car lot.
Long Shuttle Time and they Lost My Key
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(September 4, 2017) The shuttle took over 30 minutes to arrive and then they lost my key. I was not happy with services they provided.
Non-supervised open car
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(August 24, 2017) When I arrived to the place to pick up my car, the driver and the person in the counter never ask for my ticket. They just told me that the key was inside the car and that I was fine to go. When I went to my car, it was completely open, all the windows were opened at 2 am and the night was very rainy and humid. For some reason my car had about 5 small live frogs above it and I was scared of having one inside my car because of the open windows. They were very nice at first but this is a lack of respect for other people property. Something can be stole from my car, a frog could be inside or even my car could be stole because of the lack of supervision.
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