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Southwest Parking - Across the street from Airport-No Shuttle

0.3 miles from airport
4400 Empire Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 565-3440

based on 741 reviews
Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait:
Less than 5 minutes
based on 77 reviews
$8.00 Daily: Outdoor Self Park

Self ParkSelf Park

TAXES: All taxes included in daily rate.

PAYMENT: Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, Discover


**There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport** Due to the fact that this lot is adjacent to the street, just southwest of the airport, there is no shuttle service. The walk is a very short 5 to 10 minutes to airport terminals.


This is a secured, fenced lot with 24 hour staffing and security camera.  You may call the lot 24 hours per day at 818.565.3440 for directions or assistance.

If heading north on N Hollywood Way, take a left (heading west) onto W Empire Ave.  The lot is on the left when heading west.

**There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport** The lot is within a five to ten minute walk to the Burbank airport for most travellers.


**There is no shuttle from this lot to the Burbank Airport**

This lot is within walking distance, about one to two block.  The walk time to the airport would be between five and ten minutes for most travelers. Please allow enough time to walk across the street to the terminals.

There is an attendant at this lot 24 hours per day.

The lot is next to the Burbank Bob Hope Airport Metro-link Station.

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Verified Stay Review
No space available despite reservation
(June 13, 2017) Got there--no space available. Not good.
Verified Stay Review
The good and the bad
(June 9, 2017) The parking lot is close to the terminal. There is no shuttle, but since I had just a small rolling backpack, it was not a problem to walk to the terminal - there was no need to wait for a shuttle and to search for where it would pick up. The parking lot itself is very narrow and long. If it is full it is quite tricky to get out of one's parking spot and to turn around to return to the entrance to exit, especially if you have a large car. I returned at night and someone walking by himself might not feel so comfortable. It is the cheapest parking spot. I made reservations but I do not know whether they actually reserve spaces. I was just directed to drive down one direction. It worked this time, but it did not seem to be so well-organized. For example,the parking attendant that was there when I arrived, told me there were no parking spaces to the left (closer to terminal), but when I walked out through that part of the parking lot, there was a parking spot....
Verified Stay Review
Southwest Parking
(June 7, 2017) the attendant was very nice and polite. I lost my ticket from my online booking and explained how much I owed him. He did not give me a hard time and agreed with what I owed him. Very crowded there on Fridays, much more room on weekdays. would park there again. there is no shuttle and it is about a 10 =15 minute walk to the airport. not bad!
Verified Stay Review
Southwest parking
(June 6, 2017) Parking lot is convenient. It's a short walk to Burbank airport.
Verified Stay Review
Over charged
(June 2, 2017) My understanding was that it was 6$ a day but my credit card was charged 63 - were there other charges ? I will be happy to change my rating if you can explain
Verified Stay Review
Price is right
(June 2, 2017) Not fancy, not exactly convenient to walk 14 minutes across rutted parking lot to get to the airport but the price is right. It's across the street from the airport and if you have large luggage it can easily a drag. There is no shuttle but if you prebook, you receive a discount as well the low daily rate; so it can be worth the walk, the ruts and no shuttle.
Verified Stay Review
Very convenient
(June 1, 2017) Great price, convenient and friendly!
Verified Stay Review
Great value
(May 29, 2017) I have done this now for about a year and I am very happy with the service, I hope they resurface the asphalt in the lot.
Verified Stay Review
One glitch
(May 26, 2017) Parking was convenient enough. Pleased to see how close and easy the access was to the airport. My problem was with the attendant. He was distracted and didn't know how my final figure broke down. Could not explain why I was paying $17.00. Through my online reservation I'd placed a $5.90 deposit. I believe I was charged the balance of $11.10 when I came to pick up my car the following day. He couldn't verify that. Just was clueless and not very conciliatory.
Verified Stay Review
Credit card machine down
(May 24, 2017) I never leave reviews but I think I should this time.... The main guy in charge was a very nice guy upon arrival. He spoke broken English. However, once it was time for me to leave and pay I handed the man my credit card and he returned telling me "It did not work." I responded telling him I used my credit card one hour previous and I was positive there was money on my card. He was insistent telling me the card did not work. He even told me to leave him my drivers license while I went to find cash for him. Finally, he figured out it was his machine that wasn't working, NOT my card. He retrieved an old fashioned credit card swiper which was how the payment occurred. All in all he was a nice guy. However it got very frustrating with the language barrier once his credit card machine wasn't working. It had been a long day for me and I felt rather offended when he told me to leave my drivers license and go retrieve cash.
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