AviStar SunPark Airport Parking

AviStar SunPark (or SunPark AviStar) is a subsidiary of PCAA, or Parking Company America Airports. All AviStar SunPark locations will soon be renamed Fasttrack Airport Parking. AviStar SunPark strives to provide travelers with the least expensive, least stressful parking experience possible.

AviStar SunPark Airport Parking has 1 locations:

Payment Options

AviStar SunPark accepts all major credit cards, cash, and check.

Frequent Parker Program

AviStar SunPark, under the name of Fasttrack, is launching a new program in 2008 called the “Loyalty Program.” You can obtain a VIP punch card for the Loyalty Program either online or when you exit an AviStar SunPark lot. The card is punched for each day you leave your car parked in a participating AviStar SunPark lot. After 31 paid days (punches), mail the VIP punch card to the address below, and you will receive a free parking voucher that is good for one free stay, which can be up to 10 days in duration.

Corporate Discounts

Coupons are available online for 10% at participating AviStar SunPark parking lot locations. Depending on location, you can receive a discount by showing your business card or AAA Auto Club card. Various locations also offer a senior discount; simply show your driver’s license to prove that you are 65 or older.


AviStar SunPark Airport Parking
8255 Firestone Blvd., Suite 502
: (562) 287-1310
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