Boston-Logan International Airport - Central Parking Garage 5 reviews

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Boston-Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA 02128
1.9 miles from airport

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Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Covered ParkingCovered
Shuttle Information:
Central Parking, Terminal B parking, and Terminal E parking provide direct access to the Logan terminals via walkways. The Economy Lot is served by Massport Shuttle #88.


Most Recent Customer Reviews (5 reviews)
A little pre development thought goes a long way.
Verified e-mail Review
(September 22, 2009) Everyone is selling something! Massport/Logan are no different. They tout convenient parking for $24.00 per day, last we knew. The parking facilities are congested confusing and signage is a atrocious. You may get in, good luck finding your vehicle and exiting on the return.
parking very 'iffy' at best
Verified e-mail Review
(June 29, 2009) first, it is extremely confusing even to a person who has used it dozens of times. Many signs are completley erroneous and will send you walking miles in the wrong direction. Ceiling is too low for many vans and pick-ups. Overall, it is one of the worlds worst and most expensive.
Get a Logan Passport and enjoy parking a whole lot more
Verified e-mail Review
(November 24, 2008) Despite its detractors, Logan has the Passport feature which is great for frequent travelers like me. Just swipe the card at the entrance & exit (no cash or credit card needed), and it will bill your credit card (or other sources). You also get to use the Express lanes so almost never any waiting to get out. The parking structure itself is a little dark & dingy, but no worse than most other airports (it's an airport people, not a luxury hotel, set your expectations appropriately). The recent expansion means that parking isnt always full these days, but if you MUST have a spot, there is Passport Gold which guarantees a spot for an albeit heft annual fee & surcharge. You can get free shuttle service to any point in the parking structure if you ask, and the space are reasonably well labeled, if laid out a bit erratically. My big annoyance is the automated 800# to get real time parking availability. Sometimes you get a machine which is quick, sometimes you have to wait on hold for an operator. No one at Massport I've spoken to seems to know why that is. But in either case, it's not always accurate. More than a few times I've called and been told Central is open for long term, to get there and be told it's been full all day and that I have to waste 30 minutes heading out to overflow parking.
Central parking/a mess
Unverified Review
(October 9, 2007) We were in a rush and decided to use the central parking last weekend. My wife is handicapped, the problems were: a very long walk to ticketing, when you return you end up at a different terminal and finding your car is next to impossible,it took over 30 minutes of wandering around trying to locate where we were when we first arrived. the payment system did not work, as they wanted to charge us for the time we spent looking for the car after we had paid, then the automatic machine would not work as we were trying to leave and the attendent was on his cell phone and was not interested in helping. On top of that it is twice the cost of part and fly....
Pros: none
Cons: very confusing, very expensive, poorly staffed , machines don't work, very long walk.
DOUBLE REVIEW: Central and Economy
Unverified Review
(August 21, 2007) Recently did short and long trips. The Central parking garage was fantastic - loved the kiosks they have to pay for parking using cash or credit, but limited availability - only had parking on top level. The Economy Lot was terrible - took forever to get there and even longer to get back to the airport on the bus. On our return, waited well over 20 minutes for the bus to arrive to return us to the lot. If your parking space is not close to the bus stop, get ready to walk.
Pros: Central Lot: kiosks, connects to terminals
Cons: Economy Lot: distance, bus service Stupid $3.00 fee to get in and out of airport - regardless of which lot used!