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Parking at CLE

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport bears a great reputation for quality and sees close to ten million passengers per year. It is the largest airway in Ohio and sees over 300 departures per day. If you plan to be a future visitor to CLE airport no doubt you are already looking into parking options, transit options, and what to do in case of a layover. Here is everything you need to know about Cleveland Hopkins to make your trek a success. Let's look at parking first.

CLE airport parking has five long-term parking options available to its travelers. The most expensive is the Smart Garage connected to the terminal by a skywalk. It has full-scale valet services that will wash, wax, and even change the oil in your car. Rates are $20 dollars a day. The red lot is situated by the Sheraton hotel and offers spaces for $18 dollars a day, and the blue lot is also close to the Sheraton and has spaces for $16 dollars a day. The orange lot has access to Smart Garage and its skywalk. It offers covered parking for $15 dollars a day. Finally, the brown lot sits a bit further from the airport and is served by a 24-hour shuttle. It offers spaces at a rate of $11 dollars per day. If the colors of the rainbow do not suit your wallet, however, there are plenty of off-site parking options that offer cheaper rates.

Off-site lots are located at various places around CLE. They all offer shuttle access and other amenities. Rates can go as low as $7 dollars and top out at about $20. Many lots offer the same upscale valet services like the airport. Some also provide free newspapers, water, and luggage services. Airport hotels also offer long-term parking to their guests. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to navigate these choices just visit our site.

Our site works with many of these lots to provide travelers with the best options for their budget. You can peruse rates, ratings, and reviews all from the comfort of home. We will help you find the price that meets your situation as well as the quality. You can even reserve your lot or hotel bundle directly from us. We take the hassle away so you can sit back and enjoy your travel day.

Getting to CLE

As with many airports, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is accessible by public transit in two ways. You can take the bus or a commuter train. In CLE's case, the train is underground. Cleveland Regional Transit Authority provides regular occurring service between downtown Cleveland and Cleveland Hopkins via the Red Line. The commuter train connects with other Cleveland undergrounds via Tower City Station. It allows travelers living in Cleveland direct access to the airport by train. Buses, of course, make regular daily drops to the main terminal via their scheduled routes.

As for car travel, CLE airport sits right at the foot of the Berea freeway at the interchange of both the 480 and 71 highways. This allows easy access for anyone in the surrounding area no matter where they are coming from. Taxi service is available to and from the airport. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can also be utilized. Travelers can also hire private cars such as limos and luxury sedans. CLE Airport is also the focus of professional shuttle companies. Travelers can rent public or private vans to ferry them and their groups directly to the terminal. No matter what your travel arrangements need to be you can find an option for you. The airport also has curbside service if your being dropped off by friend or family, and various long-term parking choices if you self-drive.

Getting Around CLE

CLE airport is easy to navigate. It is one major terminal with four concourses. Luckily, concourse D is not in operation so it limits the trek travelers have to make. Each concourse is easy to access with moving walkways, elevators, and escalators readily available to take part of the load. Naturally, each concourse also offers eating and shopping choices for its visitors. Concourse C has the Great Lakes Brewing Company if you want to grab a cold one before your next flight. Quaker Steak and Lube in Concourse B has 25 different wing sauces if you want add some spice to your trip. Concourse C also has an open lounge with free WiFi as well as color printers. Concourse A has one of Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar & Grills. The main terminal also offers some unique Cleveland fare as it provides a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame via the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Store.

CLE Airport also has artwork, sculptures, and exhibits located throughout its concourses that provide plenty of sightseeing options. If you need electronics there are Best Buy Kiosks available as well. Some of the airport hotels also provide spa services if you want to be pampered. Depending on how long your stopover is you can even hop onto the Red Line and enjoy downtown Cleveland for a spell.

Tips & Tricks

  • Check up to date traffic reports before leaving home.
  • Allot more time for check-in & security during peak travel periods: 5 - 7 am & 4 - 7 pm, Sun - Mon and Thurs-Fri.
  • Before you arrive, locate your terminal on the terminal map.
  • Need to attend to business before you fly? Book a meeting room.
  • Grab a bite to eat, or do some last minute shopping at one of the airport's shops & restaurants.
  • Enjoy your downtime. Rent a movie/DVD player from InMotion Entertainment.

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