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new Denison Parking (Light Rail - NO LOT SHUTTLE) MSP

9.6 miles from MSP
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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740 S 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55415, US


**Our 3 ENTRANCES are located at 345 Park Ave, 334 Chicago Ave (Chicago & 3rd) and 701 S 3rd St** 

HOW TO USE: Use QR code provided on your reservation and scan under the ticket machine upon entrance. Upon exit, use the QR code again under the ticket machine. If QR Code is not reading, confirm reservation time. If correct time, please press the telephone icon and repeat your reservation information, including reservation ID number to the call center and the gate will lift.

**PLEASE NOTE** - NO SHUTTLE PROVIDED. Customers can use the Light Rail located across the street for transportation to and from the airport. The Light Rail runs every 10 minutes and is available 4:00am - 1:00am (Sunday-Thursday) and 4:00am - 3:00am (Friday-Saturday). Each trip to/from the airport takes approximately 20-25 minutes and costs $1.75 (non-peak hours) or $2.25 (peak hours). Upon return to the ramp, exit the lightrail at the U.S. Bank Stadium stop.


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