DTW MaNamara Terminal Parking Garage 4 reviews

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DTW, Detroit, MI 48242
0.2 miles from airport

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Most Recent Customer Reviews (4 reviews)
No one to help with dead battery
Verified e-mail Review
(June 17, 2009) I returned one day from travelling out of town for a day to a dead battery. No one could help me with this. No police, no security, no attendants could help me. After 2 hours in the blistering cold, I flagged down someone who was returning from a trip as well. Fortunately, I had jumper cables...who knows how much longer I would have to wait if I didn't have those.
Parking structure comments
Verified e-mail Review
(February 15, 2009) I parked at this facility for 4 days, 8 hrs. Costs were $95. These prices were absurd. There were no signs to inform me of the costs. Your maze was confusing and I had to park outside. I drove from Midland, MI, to save money. The extra gas, time, and parking fees prohit me ever taking flights from DTW ever again. Flint, MBS and Lansing are very user friendly with onsite parking fees that are reasonable. I appreciate a response.
Never again
Unverified Review
(February 14, 2009) • This is perhaps the worst run garage I have ever had the misfortune of using. First of all LONG term parking is $20.00 a night!? And you find this out only after pulling up to the kiosk. Next, the signage – it sucks as much as the personnel. There are gates on several ramps that make it look as though you are not allowed to enter, when in fact, you need to if you ever want to get out of the structure. Floor layouts are not consistent either. If you get off on the wrong floor, you will likely think you are in the wrong area of the structure since they used no rhyme or reason in laying it out. Now for the final straw. The snot-nosed ticket taking punk in the booth. I pulled up the a booth with no cars and one attendant. The idiot behind the glass rudely gestured (like he was a cop maybe) for me to “BACK UP, I`M NOT OPEN YET!” Then when I backed up the 10 feet to take the other lane, he decided that NOW he was able to open and turned his sign on and waived me back. I used a few less fingers and gave him a wave of my own. I then went to the next booth and gave the man my card and stated “This is the card that I used, but you will have to charge this other one as I maxed it out.” He replies that he has to use the one that I checked in with and I was forced to again repeat that I was NOT paying with that one and it was at it`s limit. What does Einstein do next? He tries it and is surprised that it is declined. Good thing it wasn`t a debit card where I may have been charged a NSF fee. The moron totally ignored my 2 demands that he not use that particular card. I asked what part of “do not use that card” confused him. I will never used this lot again – especially considering the incredibly long walk that it takes to get to the terminal.
Too Expensive
Unverified Review
(December 3, 2007) There is no reason to spend this much on parking. The signage does not sufficently warn the parker of the price.
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