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new FlightCar Parking (a car share company) (PDX)

3 miles from PDX
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR, 97220, US


How FlightCar Works

FlightCar is the world's first peer-to-peer car sharing company to operate at airports. Get free airport parking by renting out your car to a fellow traveler. Your vehicle is insured up to $1 million, and every renter is pre-screened. You get a free carwash, free vacuum, and free parking, even if your car is not rented! For every mile driven, make up to $0.20/mile.
In order to be eligible to be listed with FlightCar, your vehicle must:
(a) Be well maintained. This means it may not have any warning lights (including check engine, SRS/Airbag, and others) with the sole exception of a warning or message indicating the need for scheduled servicing.
(b) Be properly registered to operate in the United States and satisfy any additional requirements of the state in which it is listed.
(c) Be legally in your possession.
(d) Be model year 2001 or later.
(e) Have fewer than 150,000 miles.
(f) Not be worth more than $60,000 at current market value.
(g) Not be altered in any significant way that materially changes the performance of the vehicle or creates a liability concern for FlightCar.
(h) Have 4 wheels and no more than 8 seats.
(i) Be sufficiently clean on the interior.
(j) Not have any physical or cosmetic damage that can affect the safety of the Vehicle or significantly impacts the visual appearance of the Vehicle. Dents and scratches are generally acceptable. If vehicle components such as bumpers or doors are not properly secured or if a vehicle exhibits rust or significant paint wear on the surface, this is generally not acceptable.
(k) Not have any major components or parts that are inoperable or not properly operable. A non-functioning air-conditioning system or trunklid, for example, would disqualify a vehicle.
FlightCar may revoke a vehicle’s eligibility at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion
Runs daily 4:00AM to 1:00AM 365 days

1.What if a renter returns my car late?

All rentals must be concluded 4 hours before your anticipated arrival to ensure that your vehicle is available and waiting for you upon your return to our facility. If, for some reason, your vehicle has not been returned when you arrive, we will arrange an alternate vehicle for you to take home immediately and then we will work with you to return your own vehicle once it is returned to us.

2.What if I return from my trip late?

We're happy to park your car for a longer period if you extend your trip. There is no extra parking charge, either. We plan around your expected arrival so please let us know as soon as possible. Our hours of operation vary by location (some locations close for several hours in the middle of the night) so you'll want to confirm our hours in your city and let our crew know when you'll be coming in.

3.What if I return from my trip early?

If it’s only an hour or two early, we’ll probably already have your car washed and waiting for you. However, if you have a more significant schedule change, you may need to arrange an alternate vehicle until your car is returned. We can give you one of ours for no charge in most cases. Please inform us of schedule changes immediately.

4.What if I’m late in arriving at the airport?

If you’re less than 3 hours late, don’t worry about it. If a serious delay is affecting your anticipated vehicle drop-off time, please call us to let us know.

5.What if my flight is cancelled after I get to the airport and I no longer want to travel, or need to drive to another airport?

Just call us and we’ll return your vehicle. You can take your own car back as long as it has been less than 4 hours


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