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2.6 miles from airport
11000 S La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90304

based on 15 reviews
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LAX Lot B is closed permanently as of January 7, 2010. Please click here for a list of LAX parking lots that are accepting reservations.

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Never had a problem parking here
(August 25, 2010) Easy long term parking for LAX -- less expensive than the other options and the shuttle makes it just as convenient.
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A Screw driver broke off in my door handle !
(December 1, 2009) While parked in Lot B for 6 days I found a screw driver was broke off on the passenger side of my pick up from somebody trying to enter my vehicle ...Tried to call and file a complaint with no success .. Will probably not use lot B again..
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Parking lots at LAX and tickets for no front plate
(November 16, 2009) I was told by an employee at LAX that the LAPD have at least two motor officers daily to check cars coming into LAX and all the parking lots with the specific intent to find vehicles with no front plates. yes it is a revenue generating concept. doesn't matter if the vehicle never had a mount in the front for a plate or not, California law says you must have one so they have you regardless of whether or not there is a place to mount it or not.
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Never Again!
(October 18, 2009) After factoring in the violation ticket for no frt lic plate into the cheap parking price, I'd rather park in a more secure, safe structure. Even though car was parked & covered tightly someone searched under the cover to find no plate. I feel it was an illegal search & a violation of privacy!!
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I'll NEVER park in Lot B again!!
(October 17, 2009) My car was parked and COVERED in Lot B for 10 days. In today's mail (10/17/09) I rec'd a DELINQUENT parking ticket for no front lic plate. Since when can big brother come into a private parking lot, uncovered my car and find me in violation for a normal "fix it" ticket. Seems the owners of this lot may be getting a little extra on the side for helping in this service for the City of LA!!
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Watch out!
(October 5, 2009) When I entered the lot the attendant told me I could park by the fence. I did, and when I returned from my trip there was a parking ticket on my car! Everyone else parked there also had a ticket on their windshield. I called to complain but it did no good.
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Ticketing patrons of Parking Lot B!!!!!!!!!
(September 29, 2009) I came back from a business trip to find a ticket for no front license plate on my BMW Z-3. This car has never had a front license plate but more importantly why is the City of LA going into Lot B and doing this? They would have to crawl in between the cars to see that there is no front plate. Something tells me they are out for some dough and hard working people who leave their car at the airport are an easy target.
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Tickets for no front licence plate
(September 11, 2009) I parked for 9 days in Lot B and came home to a ticket for no front license plate on my Lexus. This is my third Lexus in 15 years and I have never had a front license plate on these vehicle. The dealer advised against it.
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excellent for disabled cane user,with heavy bag for me
(August 31, 2009) aug. 26 2009 Your drivers are doing a fine job in regard to helping the disabled board and departing the bus by lowering the ramp so one does not have to climb stairs with cane in hand. All so clearing a seat when a non disabled person is siting in it! Keep up the good work,please let your drivers. know it is appreciated.
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No Problems
(June 29, 2009) I've had no problems with this shuttle. It's reliable. My only frustration is it stops at every terminal whether there are customers or not. Bottom line: you get what you pay for.
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