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11333 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles , CA 90445
3.1 miles from airport
5-10 min

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Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Covered ParkingCovered
Valet ParkingValet
Car WashCar Wash
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Great place to Park!
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 min
(August 8, 2013) We have parked our vehicle many times at this parking lot and have not had any problems. The drivers and staff have been very pleasant. However, I have witnessed very rude customers because they are in a hurry or due to lack of sleep. If you leave late from your home or hit traffic, it is not LAX Park Place fault because you squeeze the clock. And of course, those of us who are arriving from an International flight, having to go through Customs are very anxious to get back home asap. However, this parking lot is 3 miles from the airport and it does take some time for the drivers to pick you up because they also have to deal with LAX traffic and other people picking up their friends & families who also don't know where they are going. (Not to mention that people who are waiting for the shuttle are in the wrong place. BE PATIENT... and enjoy the fact that this parking lot is away from all those LAX nuts and you can park and pick up your vehicle in peace.
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(October 2, 2012) Parked myself (the spaces are tight), they dropped me off right away to the terminal (I was the only guy). I called on the way back right after Customs. The guy was there in 5-10 minutes - called me back to tell me they couldn't find me (because I was in the wrong spot). No complaints except I had to give them my key. I didn't know this and was nervous because I left my firearm in the trunk, but it was still there when I got back. Seems some people have bad experiences, mine went well and the rates were good. No complaints, went smoothly.
nice place
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(August 23, 2011) This place must be managed by other people now because I did not see any of the negative information given by others. This place was great , yes shuttle longer wait but the place is further than others. Also drivers were nice , staff inside office was nice, and cheap try it out don't listen
great parking
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(January 21, 2010) I used this facility many times great place to park!! there prices are great and they have awesome customer service!! People who are giving out bad reviews are just the low life people who expect to be treated like royalty. They have brand new shuttles which is great for a quick 5 minute ride to the airport. They drop you off right in the front of your terminal and unload your luggage for you which is also great. Highly recommended!!!! great place to park!!!A+++
They Damaged my Car
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(December 7, 2009) These people are rip off artists. My rear license plate was hanging on by one bolt and I had two deep gouges in my bumper. I noted this and had them write on my paperwork that the damage had occurred there on their lot. They offered me a $75.00 credit at "their" body shop. If you don't want body damage on your car or feel like giving thugs and criminals your money and you car keys, avoid this place like swine flu.
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(September 9, 2009) It would be better to park your car anywhere else but here. When we returned we found a scratch in our back bumper and while there another customer had a longer scratch than ours. We paid for indoor parking but could tell our car had spent some time outside anyway as it was not as clean as when we brought it in. When we complained about the scratch the man was belligerant. Other indoor parking is consistent and they don't move your car around. We suspect they moved our car around many times and we had to leave our keys. The only way to get back our car was to sign the paper to get the keys to leave. Park at your own risk!
Lousy service. More than 30
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(July 31, 2008) Lousy service. More than 30 min. wait.-VERY ARROGANT & RUDE. To the people(men) in the office:IT IS A CULTURE THING!
This place is dreadful. If
Unverified Review
(July 30, 2008) This place is dreadful. If I could give it zero stars, I would. I used them in early June. They did not have shuttles to the airport, and made it sound like they were doing me a favor by not charging me for valet service when they used my vehicle to take me over. Their driver was afraid to make the trip because my non-California truck has no front license plate. When my truck was returned to me, there were shoe prints on the hood. And they charged me more than the website pricing stated. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER park here!!