Newark Liberty International Airport Parking Garage/ Newark Liberty Intrnl Arprt - Daily Parking Lots P1-P3 and P4/Economy P6 2 reviews

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Newark Liberty Airport, Newark, NJ 07114
1.5 miles from airport

Sorry, Newark Liberty Int'l Arprt Parking Garage/ Daily Parking Lot P1-P3 and P4/Ecomony P6 is not accepting reservations on
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Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Covered ParkingCovered
Valet ParkingValet


Most Recent Customer Reviews (2 reviews)
Car Damage while parked with Valet
Verified e-mail Review
(December 18, 2008) My car was damaged while parked with the Valet Parking service at P4. Even though the valet company has a diligent procedure of surveying each car prior to taking the keys - they denied my claim which was written up by them immediately as they delivered my car back to me.....and I have to have the repairs done at my expense. It seems a company that charges this premium should stand behind their service.....but no. I will not be back.
Adequate parking, valet is a premium
Unverified Review
(March 11, 2008) I've parked in the regular lots and used the valet. The regular airport parking (P1, P2, and P4) are $24 per day. The valet service actually parks in the P4 lot, and that service is $36 per day. P4 is the best place to park, as it is an indoor garage, and it is self-park [you don't have to leave your keys with anyone]. Make sure you lock your car, and you shouldn't have any problems. The valet service is quite a bit more expensive ($36 per day), but you don't have to look for a space, and when your flight lands, you can call them and they will have your car waiting for you after you step off the train and pay. In my opinion, for the service provided, the valet is not worth the added cost unless you need the help loading bags or something like that. The extra cost adds up quickly over time. A four day stay will end up costing you $50 more than if you had parked yourself. They don't allow tipping, but sometimes the valet will stand there for a moment as if he/she expects it anyway. P1 and P2 are outdoor lots; they are just OK, and they are the same price as P4, $24 per day. The other difference is that they are near certain terminals (walking distance); at P4 you have to take a train ride to your terminal. If you have a lot of bags, I would recommend parking at P4, as the walk to the train is shorter than the walk from P1 or P2 to the terminals. [Alternatively, you can also try the curbside valet check-in first, check your bags and get your boarding pass, then park your car. The police may give you a hassle about that though, unless you have someone to sit in the car.] I don't have any experience with P6 [Long term parking, $15 per day]. All in all, the valet is nice but not worth the added cost, especially if you can get a good spot in P4 yourself, it's only a slightly longer walk from the train. Again, if you are traveling with a companion, they can get the bags from baggage claim while you retrieve your vehicle, saving you from having to walk with a lot of baggage. There are cheaper options available at the airport, but for short trips the airport parking seems to be better.
Pros: Valet: they have your car waiting for you if you call ahead. No tipping allowed. P4: Indoors, self-parking. P1/P2: Walking distance to terminals. Also self-parking.
Cons: Valet: very expensive for what you get, costs add up. P4: Train ride to terminals. P1/P2: Outdoors.