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1125 Coleman Ave , San Jose, CA 95110
3.2 miles from airport
20-30 min

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Convenient but totally unorganized!
Unverified Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 min
(November 28, 2014) Good parking, poor shuttle service.
Worth the convenience
Verified e-mail Review
(November 23, 2010) I've been parking here for many years. Only once did I need to park in the overflow they created next to the booth. Generally there are lots of spaces and the shuttle driver will drive his vehicle over to your car to get you. Since I rarely travel at peak business times anymore, there's never a crowd on the bus or waiting for it at the offsite shuttle stop outside the terminal. I like the reasonable rate, the convenient location right off of 880/Coleman, and the fact that you can park your car and typically be at the terminal in 15 minutes or less. The wait for pickup at the terminal at night can be a half hour but you can count on them to come get you even if the cashier needs to shut down the booth and drive the bus over to you. The facility is frills free but my car is secure there. Just watch the bump when you turn in off of Coleman.
Easy In/Out
Verified e-mail Review
(July 11, 2010) Located less than a mile from the Coleman exit on 880. Shuttles use the south approach to the terminal. Arrived for Sat. 6:30am flight at 5:15. Only 6 spaces left before they'd start valet parking. Van waited for me to park before departing. Upon return the following Sat. at 10am, called for shuttle and it arrived in 10 minutes. Very satisfied with service. Next time, I'll make an online reservation.
Dont even think about it!!!!!!!!!!
Unverified Review
(June 10, 2009) i have never i the 6 yrs of traveling have i had such terrible experience with Park n Travel in San Jose. I waited for about 45 minutes to a nice driver but when i got droped off at my car ready to leave the manager was very rude indeed. In all my life i would rather pay $20 dollars a day then have 2 free days at San Jose Park n Travel. Thanks to the driver i was ok.
Horrific experinece
Verified e-mail Review
(December 11, 2008) Horrible, horrible service. 30 minute waits for multiple shuttles to drive by, and embarrasing bum rushes of any empty shuttle that resemble the last airlifts out of the US embassy in Saigon in '75 . Last time I was there, once I got to my car (finally) as I was pulling away 2 drivers sitting in front of empty shuttles in the parking lot were laughing at all of us getting out of the shuttle. AVOID!
This had been a good shuttle
Unverified Review
(October 10, 2008) This had been a good shuttle service but they currently have too few parking spaces and not enough shuttles dropping customers off and picking them up. I have had to wait 20 mintues to leave for the airport and nearly an hour to be picked up. As an apology they offered me a 10% discount on my parking fee which amounted to a little over $3.00 for my time. That just added insult to injury.
Normally a fair service
Unverified Review
(April 22, 2008) Normally a fair service, but on my last visit Park N' Travel shuttle took 45 minutes to arrive at Terminal C pick up area. Oddly, I was the only one onboard the shuttle. When the shuttle returned to the parking lot, my vehicle was parked in by another car. The shuttle driver had to find the keys and then shimmy out the car so I could finally get out. It appears they spent some much time getting the extra cars in and out of the parking lot, the shuttle drivers could not pick up awaiting passengers from the airport.
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