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new Park to Travel MIA

1.6 miles from MIA
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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3925 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL, 33142, US


Regular size vans are free of extra charge. However,SUV's,Pick ups and 12-15 pass vans are charged $3.50 extra per day.Located 1/4 of a mile from Miami International Airport. The Park to Travel Parking service for Miami Airport is a terrific alternative to the expensive lots at MIA. The secure lot has exterior fencing and security cameras. Check in at office to be taken to the airport. Our free shuttle is on demand from 4AM-1AM 7 days a week. Drivers are dispatched after customer calls for pick up. Please allow at least 15 mins wait time for pick up.

Check in at the office to be transported to the Miami Airport Terminal Please note: -Park to Travel is valet only. Options are outdoor valet or indoor valet. -Regular size vans are free of extra charge. SUV's, Pick-ups and 12-15 pass vans are charged an additional $3.50 extra per day at the lot.

Directions: Located 1/4 mile from the Miami International Airport. For directions, follow the Miami International Airport route and exit to the car rental center. We are across the street from the car rental center entrance at 25th street.


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