More than Just Parking
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(July 25, 2011) I parked my car for a week while at holidays. When I came back the valet bus was waiting outside and the car was ready to go at the parking lot. While packing the bags the car overheated so I turned it off. It was 1 am so I thought me and the family will catch a cab and return home and come back the next day to fix or tow it. But a very nice gentleman working at Calgary Park2Go took a step further in customer service. He checked the car, let it cool down, filled the radiator with water with a container going back and forth and the car was ready. Not only that he also offered to pick us up if anything went wrong on the way back home. Thanks Miles, really appreciated.
Excellent service
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(February 24, 2011) My family and I just returned from Hawaii on Feb. 22, 2010. We texted the shuttle while waiting for our luggage to come off the plane. We only waited a couple of minutes for the shuttle. Our vehicle was warm and waiting for us. Thank you to Park2Go.
Thank you and congratulations!
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(April 4, 2009) I was off to Punta Cana on 26th March 2009 and back on April 2nd. I had booked my Valet Parking and there was a wonderful gentleman who dropped us and picked us up on arrival at about 2:00 am. THIS GUY IS THE GOLD STANDARD OF SERVICE. He also helped my wife locate our car, load our suitcases in the car while I went to settle my bill. I am sorry I did not get his name. It is employees like these that build companies that need minimal advertising. Thank you and congratulations.
Rude service, cold car
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(March 31, 2009) I used them on March 15, and got very rude service when I attempted to get my car back. Slow service, and my car was not started. I asked the staff about their promise to get my car started and warm, and I was told they were 'too busy'. As well, about four dollars in change was missing from my cupholder. I attempted to contact management, and got no reply. As well, the sudden positive comments on this page all seem to be written by the same person, possibly management attempting to stem the tide of negative feedback to their service? General positive comments with no specific examples of why the service was so excellent is a pretty obvious sign of management trying to sockpuppet some positive comments. Nice try. Next time I'll take a cab.
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(March 30, 2009) Just found this site and thought I'd add my 2 cents. I have used this service a couple of times and had OK service. Staff were generally friendly and accommodating. The exception being at Christmas, when thing were kinda crazy. ( But I guess it can be expected with this being their first Christmas, and abnormally cold weather. The only thing that bothered me more than the service, were some of the returning customers. Some of the customer were completely sympathetic to the how unusually cold and snowy it was, or how busying it was. These people and continued to berate the staff even though it was clear they were working their butts off to process everybody.) Used their service last week, and WOW what an improvement. Their new reservation system was flawless. Did my reservation on line, and I drove up the attendant by the check in trailer and after a quick scan I was on the bus and away. When I arrived home, I sent a text to the office and a bus was there waiting when I arrived at the pickup zone. When we arrived at the lot, my car was warm and ready to go. Went inside, gave them my ticket and paid. The whole process couldn't have taken more that 5 minutes. GREAT JOB/SERVICE. Hats off the management!! As an owner of young company I only too well know the growing pains a company goes through during the first year. Once again hats off to this company for identifying their problems and making positive steps to correct the issues. I definitely will continue using this service.
Parking at Park 2 Go in Calgary
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(July 7, 2008) Excellent clean facility, very prompt. Much better choice than Park & Jet, they bring you car to you! No looking for your car.