WallyPark SEATAC VALET (Boysen) Reviews

Quick to drop off and head to
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(April 17, 2018) Quick to drop off and head to airport the return was call, pick up then check out znd drop iff Great experience!
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(November 8, 2017) staff is friendly and professional. Thank you!
1st time, good experience
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(July 30, 2017) All good
Very impressive!!!
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(August 8, 2011) This has to be the best place to park in all of SeaTac! The corporate identity has really taken on a first class look, with first class service. Today was my first time visiting a WallyPark, but I can see why the customers keep coming back. Great job on the new building!
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(June 25, 2010) I left my car at Self-Park on 29MAY. I arrived there at 03h00 and as I drove in I was wondering how long I would need to wait for a shuttle bus. The bus was already there and I saw the driver start the vehicle as I found my spot. When I returned on 30MAY I called at 22h05 and the self-park vehicle was there within 10 minutes. I was very pleased and will use WallyPark again.
Excellent service and safe place
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(May 29, 2010) I parked my car in Wally self park lot May 8 ~ 22, 2010. Everything was great. Immediately after I parked my car, the shuttle bus was waiting for me right beside my car. The drive helped my wife with luggage and talked to us on the way to airport. The lot is located very close to SeaTac airport. When I came back, the shuttle bus arrived 5 minutes after I called the pick-up number "23". Both my wife and I were totally surprised, happily of course. I checked my car carefully and it looked exactly the same before I left. They offer good weekly rate of $59.95. You can also get daily coupon online if your park there for less than a week. I definitely will use them again next time!
Denied causing damage to vehicle
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(October 8, 2009) We had been parking at Wally Park for years with no trouble, then left our car there during the Seattle snowstorm in Dec '08. We returned to a damaged vehicle, went through the Wally Park investigation process and they denied having caused the damage. Now searching for a new parking service.