ValAir Valet Parking Reviews

I never write reviews of my
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(July 17, 2008) I never write reviews of my business experiences, but I recently tried a airport valet parking service called ValAir Valet Parking, and thought I should speak up. I spotted their billboard one day when I was leaving the airport. I was interested because I was still suffering sticker shock after paying over $50 to the airport valet for just a few days parking. To top it off, I had to buy gas on the way home and with those prices, the parking bill really stung. The billboard says "if only the rest of the world treated you this well." I was curious. On my next trip I made a point to try ValAir. I made it to the airport so quickly, with the valet filling out my info on the way. No looking for a parking space and climbing onto a van. As soon as we got there, I was checking my bag right away. No waiting for an CVG airport valet check in my car, and paying $18/day to park. I even asked for a wash, and when I got back, my car looked like it had been detailed. The best part is the rate they charge...$12/day plus Elite Member Points, AND my car is insured. With the high cost of flying out of CVG, it feels so good to find great service at a great price so close to CVG. The parking savings even paid for the car wash. Like the sign says, they're celebrating 40 years. I'm celebrating too, since I started parking at ValAir.
Great, valet service at a bargain price
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(January 21, 2008) I didn't have to park my car, THEY did!I waited less than 30 seconds before a valet rushed out to my car, and we were off to the airport. This HAS to be faster than parking in CVG Autoport. The valet asked if I wanted a car wash, and I had to try it. My car looked so great, it looked like they did a detail rather than just a wash. It's only $10.50 a day, rather than $18.00 a day for the airport valet. WOW, what a difference!
Pros: Fastest way to get to your flight, didn't have to find a parking spot,very friendly and 100% customer focused,great price $10.50
Cons: None