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Great value for Tampa Airport Parking
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(November 8, 2011) Easy access off of a well-lit main street. Car drop-off is just 20 feet from sign-in window. Call ahead when you return and car will be waiting for you in same spot. Free shuttle service is clean, comfortable and spacious. It's one of those oversize church-type vans. Staff was fast, friendly and efficient. Late & early hours no problem. I came in at 5 a.m. and within 15 minutes, I was signed in and on my way to the airport. 5 days later I called from airport for return shuttle and within 15 minutes, I was back at their lot, paid up and on my way home. Open lot so your car will get a bit of city grime, but no big deal. Be sure to mention if you're a AAA member, because there's a nice discount. For stays longer than 15 days, I'd probably use airport limo, but for anything less, I'd use these guys again, no question. Definitely recommend.
I give them 4.5 stars for
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(October 22, 2008) I give them 4.5 stars for the best service and 5 stars for the cheapest price (using my AAA card). I'll use them every time I use Tampa airport.
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(November 21, 2007) I don't want to give you a review. I want to make a reservation!!!!!!
bad place
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(June 3, 2007) The company has deteriorated service and increasing rates. Same as airport. Once they lost my keys for over an hour. Another time they brought out a similar car and insisted it was mine. The last time they loaded me into the van, then we waited for some guy for more then 20 minnutes while he returned his rental car. Almost misses my flight!
Pros: None since they chargee the same as airport
Cons: Service is slow and poor.
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(December 19, 2006) Came here twice, once when it was $5.00/day to park, then they raised it to the same as the airport. I really see no reason to park here. Help is slow, and most workers seem mentally challenged.
Pros: Closest parking alternative to airport. Pick you up from terminal relatively quickly.
Cons: Same price as airport, so why even come here?