Park 'N Fly Oakland (Park and Fly) Reviews

Reviewers' Average Shuttle Wait
Less than 5 minutes
based on 2 reviews
82 98th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94603
1.9 miles from airport

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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: Less than 5 minutes
(February 29, 2012) I was under impression that my leaving the lot was to be expidited by having my credit card along with the reservation and that it would be prepaid so all I had to do was present print out with bar code and I would not need to present credit card again...last time it seemed to work that way...attendent said I booked thru someone other than parknfly...confusing.
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: No time, shuttle was waiting
(November 7, 2011) we were very happy with the service we received at park 'n fly.
Good experience
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(July 29, 2011) Excellent experience from the moment we arrived to park our car to when we returned to pick it up - we were particularly impressed by the helpful and acknowledgable employees. We would definite use Park 'N fly again.
Our Experience
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(July 12, 2011) The only reason I'm putting in a 4 star, rather than a 5 star, is that my husband originally looked up Park 'n Fly Oakland and got a less expensive rate than when I actually reserved it for. (He didn't tell me what the lesser rate until after I had already booked the reservation.) Rather than dispute it, we just went ahead with what I booked it for. We did have a good experience and the location was easy to find. There was no problem in getting the shuttle either to or from the airport. Thanks for keeping our car for the week.
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(July 4, 2011) The shuttle driver was telling me to park at the end, don't ask questions if I had a reservation. I did drive and park way out on the end, the shuttle driver didn't follow me, I saw 2shuttles just driving don't even look around until I keep waving and bring 2luggage on the other side of the street ...that was such......waited for 10mins on hot summer day no shades. With temperature of the sun 109degrees.... hope they are more proactive with customers.
I was well served.
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(June 6, 2011) Upon arrival your van followed me to my car and off we went. Upon my return I watched the van drive away as I came out of the terminal and had to wait about 10 minutes for the next one, but that was just the luck of the draw. The drivers were friendly and I will use your services in the future.
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(May 6, 2011) This was the first time I used the reserved parking option.Everything was fine.Always happy with the "upbeat" and cheerful drivers and attendants at the pay gate. Wonder ehy there is no savings on the reserve. It is the same as the posted price. Guess just knowing that a space is available is good enough....just wondering
Oakland Park 'N Fly convenient & fast
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(April 28, 2011) I find it easier to get to and cheaper than Oakland Airport long-term parking. The shuttle buses run frequently, so there's little waiting.
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(April 21, 2011) My first experience leaving my care at Park n Fly and I found it to be very convient and diffently will do it again.
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(March 31, 2011) The only thing was going through the parking picking people up at their cars, it must have been about 10 min Ewing till the other bus arrived so we could leave to the airport, other than that it was great.
recent stay
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(March 18, 2011) As always - our experience was excellent. Thanks for the good work.
Great Service
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(February 27, 2011) This was our second use of the Park 'N Fly lot by the Oakland Airport. The service for the shuttle was excellent. The drivers were very helpful and friendly. I felt my car was very secure being left their during my trip. My only question is why would I make reservations ahead in the future as the price is the same if you just show up. I would highly recommend this lot. It is less expensive than the economy lot at the airport and just as accessable to the airport.
Excellent service
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(February 16, 2011) Will recommend. Too bad you don't have a facility as close to Sjc.
Pleasant Parking
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(February 15, 2011) Very Pleasant and courteous. Both ways...thank you!
boise trip
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(January 13, 2011) good rate. had to wait longer than usual for a bus. nothing special. you are in a very competitive environment. Thanks.
Park 'N Fly Review
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(August 13, 2010) Access to the parking lot was easy as you entered received your ticket and proceeded to find a parking spot. There were signs directing you to the back of the lot as the front was full. The shuttle drivers were very helpful and friendly. There was no waiting for the shuttle both on the way to the airport and the return trip back to the lot. I made reservations online for the parking. The website and process were easy to follow. I question the advantage of making a reservation as if the lot was full, there was no attendant checking my reservation nor was there a reserved spot. At checkout I handed my reservation form to the attendant. The form showed a pre-paid amount and a confirmation number. Despite this, the attendant was very confused and it took him a while to figure out the process for dealing with a reservation. It seemed like this was the first one he had seen. The form also had a code on it the attendant was supposed to punch in. Finally after a long wait he was able to process my ticket. The attendant was very friendly and did apologize for the long wait and thanked me for being patient. I would recommend Pak 'N Fly over the economy lot at the Oakland Airport as it is less expensive and the distance is close to the airport.