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Happy with Service
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(November 17, 2009) I always give myself more than sufficient time to get to the Airport, so I am never expecting the shuttle bus driver to accommodate me as this is not a private service, but a shuttle. I have been using Park & Jet for several years and I travel frequently and only once do I recall having to wait for about 1/2 hour and that was at Stampede, which is expected. I am extremely happy with the service
Works like a charm
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(October 26, 2009) Used them two times so far, clearly the better choice in Calgary for airport parking. Plus, you get to keep your keys and not be at the mercy of God Knows Who at some fly-by-night 'valet' service. They've made me a long and loyal customer.
Could it be any worse.
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(March 30, 2009) Tried to go for cheap!!!!!!! Well I guess you get what you pay for. Went to Park and Jet since were closest they had the cheapest rate. Well arrived at the lot and were directed (and not so politely) towards a row in which to park. I informed the person at the window that I was kind of running late, and would appreciate it if I could catch a bus that was directly leaving for the airport. The attendant said I was to head to the assigned row and a bus will be there directly. I made my way to the assigned row and waited ... and waited.. and waited ..... and still no bus. Finally a bus I saw a bus leaving from the entrance and was heading in my direction. The bus driver stop and I proceeded to load my bags into the bus. I informed the bus that I was in a hurry. He just nodded and then proceeded to continue down the row and to picked up other passengers. I saw another bus enter the lot and asked the driver if we could head out since another bus had arrived on the lot and was making its way over to our location. Again he just nodded and kept on picking up passenger until the bus was completely jammed full. Upon my return, I call for a pickup and was picked up by a Park'nfly bus. I told the driver that I was not parking a Park'nfly but at Park'n Jet. He it didn’t ' matter, he would take me to Park'nJet. Well we waited and waited until the bus was pretty much full then headed out. Well instead of going to Park'n Jet, we headed to Park'n fly and did our rounds there then headed over to Park'n Jet. We found my car and I unloaded all our bags(while the driver sat and watched). By the time we reached my car it had been almost 45 minutes since we boarded the bus!!!!! and car was covered with snow and cold....... ( I guess I have been spoilt. ) I head for the exit think well at least I've saved some money. We go the bill and well not much difference in price that the last time I parked with Park2Go and used their online reservation system and coupon. Well I guess you live and learn...
terrible service
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(March 10, 2009) upon arriving back at YYC yesterday, we waited for over 30 minutes, in the -25 temps for the shuttle bus. after 20 minutes i went back inside and tried to find somewhere to call the bus - at information they were able to call the park & jet people who when i spoke to them were incredibly rude. when we finally got to our vehicle and to check out i mentioned how terrible it was to have to wait over 1/2 hour for the shuttle. the girl was incredibly rude and told me no one else had complained. We called the manager the next day and also received the run around. we will not be using this service again, and we hope others consider this too.
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(May 11, 2008)