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Parking at PHX

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the largest and busiest airway in the state of Arizona. It serves around 44 million passengers per year. As a hub for both Southwest and American Airlines PHX sees hundreds of departures per day. It is also nestled in between downtown Phoenix and Tempe. If you have a visit to Sky Harbor in your future you may be plotting your trek, looking into long-term parking, or preparing for a lengthy layover. So here is what you need to know to make your Sky Harbor visit a success. First, let's take a look at parking.

Airport parking is more convenient due to its proximity, but it also bears the highest price. Depending on how long you plan to park your vehicle this may not be the best option. Sky Harbor offers rates stretching from $7 dollars to $26 dollars per day. The $7 dollar lots are west economy park and walk. They are uncovered and lack shuttle service so travelers have to foot it to their respective terminals with luggage in tow. Terminal 2 lots are a bit closer and offer both covered and uncovered parking for $10 to $12 dollars per day. They are perfect for terminal 2 but a bit of a walk for the other terminals. The east economy lot sits a little closer to Sky Harbor and has both uncovered parking at $12 dollars per day and garage parking at $14 per day. The closest spots are terminal garages that connect with the airport itself. They can be had for $26 dollars per day and also offer various valet services as well.

Off-site parking offers rates as low as $5 dollars a day. The lots also offer additional services that pamper both auto and driver. Some lots offer free newspapers, water, and luggage service while others provide full valet services akin to Sky Harbor itself. Such services include washes, waxes, and even an oil change. Hotel lots also offer long-term parking options combined with a one-night stay to make your travel day that much easier. PHX Airport's off-site parking has a wide variety of choices, but with our site, you can easily find the best option for you.

Visiting our site allows you to check reviews, compare rates, and reserve your lot all from the comfort of home. We work with the best off-site options around so you can rest easy that your auto will be taken care of. You can also take part in exclusive offers that dial up the value of your space. We even work with hotels to provide park and stay packages. So let us make your travel day stress free.

Getting to PHX

PHX airport serves as a hub for the I-10, 51, and 202 freeways. These freeways also eventually connect with other highways as well. The 202 connects with the 101 and the 51 connects with the 60. So no matter where you are in Phoenix from Apache Junction to Cave Creek you can reach Sky Harbor in under an hour. You can utilize long-term parking options if you drive yourself, or curbside service if you are being dropped off. PHX airport is also served by a number of taxi services as well as independent companies like Uber and Lyft.

Sky Harbor is also home to standard airport shuttle services from companies like Super Shuttle. You can book public and private vans that meet whatever travel situation you are facing. If you are celebrating a special event you can even contract luxury services like limos or sedans. PHX airport also enjoys two public transit options. It can be reached by bus or lightrail.

Buses follow regular routes to the airport and can be accessed form almost anywhere. The trek may take a few connections but it can be done. The best public access to PHX International is its Sky Train. The Sky Train is a recent development. It allows people in downtown Phoenix to access the airport in about 20 minutes with a direct connection. The Sky Train is an automated passenger rail that can be accessed through the East Economy lot or the city's lightrail system. The lightrail is a series of automated commuter trains that connect Phoenix to Tempe. Plans are in affect to increase the range of the lightrail to eventually serve Mesa and Chandler areas as well.

Getting Around PHX

Sky Harbor has three terminals. Three and Four are connected but two is a completely separate building. This is because terminal two is actually the original airport constructed in the 60's. This means that if you are using two you will have to leave the building to access the accoutrements located in terminals three and four. Luckily, there is a walkway that connects terminal two to the rest of the airport. Terminal two does have food and shopping options but it is the smallest of the three so such options are limited to a few locations. One particular store is Roosevelt Row, a store that houses local items. The main lobby of two boasts a massive mural by Paul Coze as well as a museum exhibition on the Grand Canyon for art and history lovers.

Terminals three and four are where the main party is at. The Sky Harbor Sky Train can be used to trek the airport quickly, as well as moving walkways peppered throughout the terminals. PHX airport has fine dining options form top-tier eateries to standard fast food. It also houses various retail stores. There is even an store called Cactus Candy that sells exactly what its name implies. It has museum exhibits located throughout that focus on different parts of Arizona history. It also has a fine collection of art scattered about as well. The airport boasts two express spas in case you want to be pampered, it also has a lounge with unlimited food that can be reserved for your layover. Sky Harbor even boasts a fitness trail for travelers who want to stretch thier legs for a little exercise. If all else fails and your layover is long you can take the Sky Train into downtown Phoenix and enjoy the city itself.

Tips & Tricks

You’ll find several options for affordable Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and parking lots that are located within a short shuttle bus ride or walk from the main terminal. We’ve made it simple to find PHX Parking options that meet your needs and budget. Learn about the different short-term parking and long-term parking options available near the airport, and choose from parking lots and garages that offer a range of modern amenities and services you need for a stress-free trip.

If your flight is departing from Terminals 2 or 3, the most convenient parking options are the West Economy parking lot or the Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 garages at the parking lot. If your flight is departing from Terminal 4, your most convenient options are the East Economy lot or the Terminal 4 Garage. There are three Cell Phone Waiting Lots east of Terminal 4, west of Terminal 2, and south of the PHX Sky Train™ Station. You’ll also find 11 short-term parking meters at the PHX Sky Train™ Station. Family Friendly Parking spaces are available in the East Economy Parking area and garage. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport also has a 24-hour parking hotline for travelers who want to check parking space availability before they arrive.

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