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new QuikPark LAX

1.4 miles from LAX
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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9821 Vicksburg Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90045, US


You must see attendant upon entrance to check-in. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the time you wish to arrive at LAX. NOTE: In-and-out privileges are not allowed.

For security purposes, the original parker must be the same person who retrieves the vehicle when exiting the parking facility. Driver will be denied permission to valet park if they state that someone else is going to be picking up their vehicle.

Prior to exiting the facility you MUST present the prepaid Reservation Receipt to the cashier in the parking office to get exit pass. DO NOT PAY AGAIN AT GARAGE. QuikPark will charge a $25 service charge for reimbursements for anyone who pays a second time.


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