QuikPark Lax 6 reviews

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6151 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles , CA 90045
(866) 300-7275
1.5 miles from airport
10-15 min
Parking Options
Covered Self Park
Covered Valet


Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Covered ParkingCovered
Valet ParkingValet
10.00%: City tax.


Most Recent Customer Reviews (6 reviews)
Verified e-mail Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 20-30 min
(November 3, 2015) Horrible! Do not park here. First off, I had a heavy suitcase not one male staff helped me load it onto the bus. I arrived in time to airport-all good. Once I returned everything fell apart. I stood where I was told to catch the bus. I waved at the driver who was arriving she kept pointing down to the next stop and then drove off. The bus was empty! I waited another 22 minutes until next bus came. Again, no help with heavy suitcase. I paid for valet parking and a carwash. The carwash was horrible. I looked inside and there was an empty water bottle I asked if they could throw out when I arrived. Under it was never wiped out. There was dry soda in the cup holder-it was still there from when I arrived. Also, the dashboard was dusty. I asked for manager. He looked and said, “Car clean.” I pointed out the problems he said they only clean that in a “detail.” Really? All the carwashes I go to wipe the dashboard and cup holders out. I wanted them to take the carwash off or give me credit. The surely manager said, “No.” I cancelled my reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always get my car detailed when I pick-up on New Year’s. Not here. I’ll take my business to another lot. DON’T PARK HERE!
Great experience, soo easy
Verified e-mail Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(May 12, 2015) We recently used Quikpark for a week-long trip out of the country. The facility was well maintain and well lit (we arrived at 3am for a 6am flight). We waited about a minute for the shuttle to the airport and the driver was friendly and courteous. When we returned late at night the next week, we waited about 5 minutes for the shuttle and again the driver was great. Upon arriving at our car, we found that the battery had died and were dreading the long wait for AAA, but as soon as we explained the situation to the staff, they jumped up and brought a mobile battery to the car to jump it. They were awesome! I plan to use them for all my travel out of LAX. Do book them online, though - it will save you about $7 per day.
Fast and efficient parking at LAX
Verified e-mail Review
(April 14, 2011) I happened to find QuikPark on a recent trip through LAX. I just saw the sign and turned in. I was pleasantly surprised. The shuttle was there within minutes both ways, the driver handled our luggage. On the way out, the cashier asked if we had AAA which ended up saving us $30! Would definitely use again.
I would give a bad review to selfishly keep other people away
Verified e-mail Review
(January 14, 2010) I use Quickpark quite a bit. (I have about 150 days worth of frequent parker stamps.) After many, unpleasant experiences with the other places on Century I will only use Quickpark now . I would selfishly give them a bad review to keep you other people away, so that my parking and shuttle experience would be that much better. Loading up all of your bags just grinds away time. I always use vallet and I use the online reservation service to get the discount. In all honesty, there have been a few times when the service was not up to par, but only one time, using the valet service was my truck not waiting at the curb for me. So, if a bad review will keep you from crowding my shuttle when I am in a hurry to get through TSA and to my gate then so be it. But, for me, this is the only place I will use at LAX.
I've had to wait more than
Unverified Review
(August 18, 2008) I've had to wait more than 30 minutes after parking my car before the shuttle arrived to take me to the airport terminal. After the third time this happened, I stopped using QuikPark. They are fast to pick up at the terminal and return you to your car, however.
Unverified Review
(August 13, 2008) I've had MISERABLE experiences with this establishment. The shuttles don't run nearly often enough, you can't pay at a kiosk on your way out, and the shuttle drivers are nice but I've run into other employees who were real jerks. I used to put up with it because the rates were good, but prices have gone up, and the last straw was finding out, only after turning into the lot, that the only spaces left were valet parking. Never again!