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Qwik Park

1.1 miles from airport
7782 Merriman Road
Romulus, MI 48174
(888) 844-7275

based on 10 reviews
$11.00 Daily: Outdoor Self Park

$66.00 Weekly: Outdoor Self Park
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Verified e-mail Review
Quick and Comfortable.
(September 4, 2010) I travel many times on my business trips and always park at Quik Parking. First when you enter, the attendant will let you know where to part and also communicate to the pickup van driver where the next customer is going to park. Either the pickup van will be waiting for you or following you. Second the drivers are very pleasant and will offer to take your luggage from the car to the van. On return, the pick up van from Qwik Parking will be available at all terminals and very frequently, just may to 3 to 5 mins waiting time, if at all. Just hand over your location slip which you received at the time of parking your car, they will exactly drop you next to your car and take your luggage to the car. Once my car battery gave up on me, and I just called them, with in few mins, they send the help with the booster battery to start my car. Ofcouse the online coupon just give an additonal incentive of one day free parking. Just take it and enjoy.
Verified e-mail Review
Best place to Park!
(February 7, 2010) Qwik Park is the only place I will go for parking at the detroit airport. I have had to fly out of town three times this past month and at first I looked into parking on site at the airport and it is way overpriced ($16/ day). Quik park is an affordable option and quite convienent ($10/day). Once you park a shuttle is right there to take you to the airport. On my return flights the longest I had to wait for a shuttle was ten minutes, otherwise they were already there. It was a lot more convienent than parking at the airport and hauling all my luggage across the parking structure. I have only received good service and I also have been able to use a coupon everytime (which they offer online at their site).
Verified e-mail Review
Life Savers!!
(June 30, 2009) These people were friendly and organized from the beginning but it was when I had arrived back at my car with my brother fresh out of boot camp in his Marine Dress Blue uniform and realized my keys were locked inside my car that these people really came through. As luck would have it, it was 40 degrees and I was in shorts and a long sleeve shirt and obviously my brother couldn't just pop down on the ground and wait. My cell phone was dead, he didnt have his. All that could go wrong did, but once we flagged down a shuttle everyone employee couldn't have been more helpful. They let us sit in their employee lounge, made us coffee and offered us advice that the Romulus Police would be faster than AAA.....and they were. I couldn't thank these wonderful people enough and wouldn't even consider departing out of Metro airport and not check my car here. I can't say enough good things!! Not to mention they are very very reasonably priced!!!
Unverified Review
(February 21, 2009) We left our car at Qwik Park on a "Park & Fly" deal in December/08. It had snowed and was really cold. Our battery was dead. We called the office and an employee came out in her own car and jump-started our car (and almost broke her leg slipping in the snow). It has taken a while to thank them, but here it is: THANKS!
Unverified Review
Qwik Park is great! I
(November 7, 2008) Qwik Park is great! I always use their coupon and they have been honoring it for me. Gives you a free day if you have at least two and then the other days are $9. Without the coupon, that is where the $10 comes from. So always use the coupon. They are very organized. I usually get picked up right at my car within moments of parking and then they drop you off at your car. They give a slip that tells you where your spot is, so that you don't have to remember. The buses run often enough that they are always there at the airport for pickup within a few minutes.
Unverified Review
Very fast, and nice buses
(August 28, 2008) Very fast, and nice buses for transportation. Unlike some of there competitors who use dirty old vans to get you to the terminal.
Unverified Review
Qwik Park lives up to their name
(April 27, 2008) I use Qwik Park every time I fly from Detroit. Easy in and out, rarely a wait for a bus and a good value to boot. AAA discount available and on-line coupons.
Unverified Review
Displeased with LONG wait
(April 6, 2008) We waited for 30 minutes to get picked up. We were only able to get on the bus at this point because we forced our way into the unorganized line. If we were nice, we would have waited over an hour to get picked up.
Cons: Not enough buses. No specific pickup location. No organized lines.
Unverified Review
Actual price
(May 19, 2007) Pretty good, and quick. But the price is actually $10 a day as with most places, this site needs to be updated
Unverified Review
(March 1, 2007) A nice, safe place to park and easy access to the airport.
Pros: They always there ready for pick up.
Cons: The free day coupon printed I get from the site not being honored at the gate. They charge the same amount of balance with coupon without the discount. I have used it 3 times and did not get the discount although they will make me believe they did because
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