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Parking at DCA

The Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport is Dulles International's little brother. It is no less busy, however, as its sees around 24 million passengers a year. If you are a traveler heading to DCA you should know that there are plenty of options for long-term parking and transportation to the airport. If you are planning to have a lengthy stop-over at DCA you should also know that there are plenty of things to enjoy in the airport terminals. In this guide, we will take you through each option starting with parking.

Long-term parking at DCA can be done in two ways. You can park at terminal garages located right at the airport for a rate of $25 dollars a day. The garages are covered spaces and are located near their respective terminal. So there is a garage for terminal A and a garage for Terminal B and C. You can park a bit further in the economy lot which has uncovered spaces rating at $17 dollars a day. Terminal garages offer various valet services that add to the price but increase the quality. As these rates can get a bit pricey a good choice to make is going with off-site lots.

Off-site lots not only offer rates lower than $10 dollars but they also accommodate longer stays. Valet services are available from some lots with full-service options form washing to waxing. Others offer free amenities like luggage service, newspapers, and water. All of them offer reliable security and 24-hour shuttle service. If you are looking for the best deal for your dollar than pay a visit to our site. We make navigating the lot choices an easy enterprise.

Our site allows you to peruse in style. We work with the best off-site lots around to offer travelers top-level parking options. You can look at ratings, reviews, and rates to find your perfect match. You can also book through us so you do not have to leave the comfort of home. We also offer hotel packages as well. Many airport hotels offer long-term parking options as well, but only to their tenants. A park and stay package grants you a night's rest for a better travel day.

Getting to DCA

DCA Airport is the closest airport to Washington D.C. It is located in Arlington, Virginia. The airport is easily accessible via public transit. Naturally, public buses make regular stops at DCA so travelers can reach the airport via bus no matter their location in the surrounding area. The trek may require a few stops to switch buses but it is more or less a direct line. The best public access to DCA comes from the Washington Metro system. Both the red and blue lines of Washington Metro can access DCA through its airport station. This provides travelers direct access from downtown D.C.

DCA is also a hub for both taxi services and freelance services such as Lyft and Uber. If you want to let someone else do the driving there are many options available. The airport is easy to access as it sits right off the I-395. In addition to taxi service, there is also standard airport services available such as contracted cars and shuttles. You can cruise to the DCA in style in either a limo or a luxury sedan. You can also hire a shared or private shuttle to ferry you from home to the DCA. Rates are competitive. If you would rather drive yourself there is curbside service for drop-offs and long-term lots for self-drivers.

Getting Around DCA

If you have a layover at the DCA airport there is plenty to pass the time with. The airport has three terminals full of shopping and dining options available. Besides typical franchised eateries DCA also hosts local fair like Taylor Gourmet if you are looking for a taste of Virginia. It also has moving walkways so travel between terminals is easy. The airport has a couple of lounges that offer memberships or day passes. They come equipped with comfortable seating and Wifi. DCA is home to a Smithsonian Store which is an interesting place to visit. Especially, if you cannot get away to visit the actual Smithsonian itself. DCA is also home to XpresSpa for travelers who want to pamper themselves up a bit. The airport also has hotels that are a quick shuttle ride away. So if your layover takes you into the next day you can enjoy the comfort of a room. The hotels also offer additional amenities with access to everything the airport and surrounding area have to offer.

DCA airport is also home to many pieces of art from paintings to sculptures. There is also live music in certain areas so there is plenty to see and experience if you want to take a walk. The main attraction to a DCA layover is its proximity to the nation's capital as well as the National Mall in Crystal City. The Metrorail provides fast access to both locations with direct access back to the airport. So if your layover is long enough you can travel around and see the sights. You can visit the actual Smithsonian, take a look at the Lincoln Monument, stop for a photo outside the White House, or just shop around the National Mall and be back in time for your flight.

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