Roncari Express Valet Parking

0.3 miles from airport
9 Schoephoester Road
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
(800) 555-6540

based on 3 reviews
$10.95 Daily: Outdoor Self Park

$65.70 Weekly: Outdoor Self Park
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Verified e-mail Review
(November 16, 2011) Left brand new car there for day trip. Picked up that night and found scratches. When asked to look at tapes numerous times, to see if damaged happened to it they stalled and after two weeks told us they no longer have tapes. Would never go back.
Verified e-mail Review
(May 4, 2009) I recently left my car there when I was gone for a week. When I returned they told me there was a problem with my car. I looked at it and noticed a window was half open and cracked in several places - definitely not how I left it! When I asked them about it they said it was like that and wasn't their fault. It wouldn't go up and I had to drive home in the winter while it was raining with it open! I took it to my dealer for repair and they said it was definitely a case of forced entry. When confronted with this information, Roncari denied any responsibility and said they wouldn't pay for any repair. Be aware that as much as Roncari says they are friendly and efficient, have security cameras, and that your car is fully insured, if something bad happens on their lot you are on your own. Don't make the same mistake I did!
Unverified Review
(April 4, 2007)
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