San Diego International Airport - SAN Park Pacific Highway 8 reviews

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3302 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101-1137
3.5 miles from airport
15-20 min

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not as advertised
Verified e-mail Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 15-20 min
(April 13, 2012) Assuring us that we'd be picked up 7-10 minutes prompted me to change from my usual Park 'N' Fly on Kettner. I assumed the change would help me keep my tight schedule. Both, when we left the parking lot and left the terminal, we waited 16 minutes. Once at 945a and the return at 9:29p. Several Park 'N' Fly shuttles passed us while waiting outside the terminal. That sealed my resolve to switch back. Also, strange as this may seem, the lot is only few steps from the far west terminal. But, for those arriving at terminal #1 as we did, the driver must take a circuitous route back to UTC lot #2. Very poor road engineering on the part of SAN. It was 35 minutes from the time we arrived at the pickup point and arrived at our car. Park 'N' Fly does it faster at 1/3 the rate.
Never had a bad experience
Verified e-mail Review
(March 24, 2011) I've parked there over a dozen times and never had a bad experience. Typical wait time has been 5-15 minutes at the airport curb. I do call them as I am getting my bag. The drivers are always helpful and car has been in good shape. Sure it is outside. But it's $10 a day.
Going to the cruise terminal
Unverified Review
(November 1, 2008) Going to the cruise terminal Took about 20 minutes, When we got back their was two ships unloading and it took over a hour to get a shuttle. Then their was about two hundred people waiting still! About 16 to a shuttle. If you use San Park get a cab to take you back. #3
Make sure the driver
Unverified Review
(September 3, 2008) Make sure the driver dropping you off at the lot calls out the make/color of your car with the stall number! I parked there twice for long weekends (paid for 4 days each trip). It's a great lot for the price. There's one huge complaint...the last time I used the lot, I waited about 15 minutes on Labor day (evening) for the shuttle to pick me up from the airport. The driver was chatting on his Bluetooth while he was loading luggage and passengers. He allowed too many people on board then had to kick 3 people off because he said it was illegal to allow anyone to be standing while the bus was moving. He had to find their luggage from the rack and let them off. I was afraid someone would accidently take my luggage (I was in the furthest seat from the luggage rack). At least he asked if they were sure the luggage was theirs when they got off. The drive to the parking lot and through the lot dropping off passengers seemed like a theme park ride (very fast even around curves). You have to give the driver the card that the driver who took you to the airport gave you. It has your stall number on it. The driver to the lot takes that card from you so he knows where to drop you off. The driver dropped off a passenger right near my car but didn't call my space number or make/color of my vehicle as they normally do. He took off too fast for me to call out. I had to sit in the bus on that wild ride while he dropped off other people. He called out my stall number but not the make/color of the car in the stall. I got out with my luggage and there was no car in the stall even though it had the same number as the stall I'd parked in!!!! He had dropped me off clear on the other side of the lot. I had to walk far to my car during the night. I didn't bother to stop off at the shuttles parked at the entrance to get a ride so I walked. I told the cashier as I was driving out what happened. She said that there are 2 lots (blue and gold) with the same stall nubmer. I'd been dropped off in the gold lot instead of the blue lot. She asked who the driver was. I gave her his description and said he was the one who talks on the phone. She said she'd talk to him about it and it won't happen again. I'll send a written complaint to management. Great for the price but you'll get poor service adn you'll need to bring your own seatbelt!
Poor Slow - Use someone else
Unverified Review
(February 27, 2008) I had to wait 30 minutes for their shuttle, the driver was about as personable as a rock and we had to load our luggage by ourselves. There are lots of other parking areas near the airport - use them instead
Unverified Review
(August 7, 2007) Nice lot, good shuttle service TO the airport poor service FROM the airport. Last two times I've had to wait for 20+ minutes for a pickup.
Unverified Review
(April 19, 2007) Convenient, quick and efficient.
Pros: Read review.
Cons: Gravel lot. Under the hot sun. Don't promote their frequent parker program.
Very convenient
Unverified Review
(December 21, 2006) I couldn't be more pleased with the service at the airport's SAN Park lots. You get picked up right at your car and dropped off at your terminal. You don't have to hunt to find your car in the lot when you return. They give you a slip with your space number and the shuttle takes you right back to your car.