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2701 S 200th Street, Seattle, WA 98198
(206) 824-2544
2.1 miles from airport
Parking Options
Outdoor Self Park

  • * Outdoor Self Park Weekly Rate: $69.95


Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
All taxes included in daily rate.


Most Recent Customer Reviews (3 reviews)
won't park here again
Unverified Review
(March 19, 2009) I parked here from Feb 11th to March 18th using their $150 monthly coupon. When I picked my car up, I noticed a 6 inch crack on my windshield. The crack was clearly caused by someone because I saw finger prints on it and finger nail trails running through the prints which showed someone tried to feel the crack to assess the damage. Seatac says they won't do anything about it. So I spent $250 on parking and ended up with a broken windshield.
Seatac Park - Poor Review
Verified e-mail Review
(December 5, 2008) I’ve parked with Seatac park for a number of years, for both business and pleasure. I’d gone without incident until a fall 2008 vacation to Hawaii. Upon getting dropped at our vehicle, we discovered that one of my bags was missing. Unfortunately, it was the bag that contained all of the souvenirs I’d purchased. Seatac Park could not locate the bag, which meant they’d given it somebody else. Needless to say, I contacted them regularly to see if it had been returned or they had located it. I was finally offered to park free on my next trip. I thought that fair enough, as accidents happen and although the items in the bag were incredibly important to me, it certainly could have been worse. Now, as I prepare for my next flight, I’ve emailed my contacts (Rich Connors, Owner and Dave, Manger) asking about my ‘free parking’ on two separate occasions and have not even gotten a response. I’ve been completely dismissed, even having been a loyal customer for so long. You don’t really discover the quality of a business until there is an issue and it’s how they treat you at that time that defines them. I strongly recommend avoiding this company. I certainly will never park with them again and there are certainly many others to choose from.
Unverified Review
(January 22, 2008) We have used this lot for years, but I'm looking around now. Last time I was there for 28 hours and it cost us more than $26, so the pricing is too difficult to figure out.
Pros: nice clean vans, excellent timing, and good service at my car. The drivers are very pleasant. When they are very full, they keep your keys and park it in the aisles so you don't have to go elsewhere.
Cons: I traveled 19 times in 2007, but they never acknowledged this. They have some sort of a membership program that is not explained well or does not seem to offer any advantage. The staff in the booth do not respond to questions with useful information. On