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Sunrise LAX Parking

1.3 miles from airport
6155 West 98th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 410-2025

based on 3 reviews
$10.91 Daily: Outdoor Self Park
$10.91 Daily: Outdoor Valet

$72.00 Weekly: Outdoor Self Park
$72.00 Weekly: Outdoor Valet
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Self ParkSelf Park
Valet ParkingValet

TAXES:  10.00%: City tax

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Verified e-mail Review
great experience , friendly staff
(September 8, 2011) I arrived 4 AM this recent memorial weekend and was very impressed by the friendly staff and quick service. It took them 5 minutes to take me to my termianl and Monday night return was a breeze. Price very fair, smaller company and great service.
Verified e-mail Review
(June 28, 2009) I guess you get what you pay for, but I was hoping that that just meant no frills, not no security. I had reserved self parking because I wanted to keep control over my car, but when I arrived they said that they had "upgraded" me to valet because there were so many cars. I tried to explain that I would feel better if I could park my own car, but they assured me that it would all be ok. When I returned from my trip, however, I got in my car and noticed before I even left the lot that there were things missing from my glovebox that are hard to replace(vagueness here to protect identity). I was really polite when I told them about it, they said I could call the manager, which I did. When she called me back, she was incredibly rude, said that I had probably "forgotten I put them somewhere else," and said that she'd had the same employees for years and never had a problem, nor did she offer any solutions to the problem. As the things that were missing never leave my glovebox, it is impossible that I "left them elsewhere." They lie, they steal, and they're rude. Don't park here!
Verified e-mail Review
My worst experience with LAX parking
(June 27, 2009) I will not use this parking again. My flight was leaving at 2am, so I came to the parking by midnight to discover that there is no attendant, no security on duty and a car is blocking the entrance. I finally found a sleeping guy in this car, but could not wake him up. Really close to the airport, but does it matter!?
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