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7979 Airport Blvd., Houston, TX 77061
0.9 miles from airport
10-15 min

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Services Offered:
Self ParkSelf Park
Covered ParkingCovered
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Horrible experiece
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(January 19, 2017) Shuttles take forever to make rounds, I think they only have one bus in rotation. Driver wouldn't let me in the bus as I approached the doors cuz he was already closing em and the bus only had one person in it. Waited over 40 mins for it to come back around. Never using them again.
Coming back :)
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(January 2, 2013) I've used them twice and will continue using them for Hobby. On my fisrt try with Super Park I had a bit of car troubles, I was alone and didn't know anyone in the area. The manager was really helpful and had somebody come and look at my car. He even took me to the mechanic and stayed with me until my car was ready. It was really comforting to know that there are still geneuinely nice people out there. Wonderful staff, love their service and most importantly safe!
pricey but quick
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Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 0 min
(September 30, 2012) Pretty expensive - $10/day for 2nd and 3rd floors. First floor is more but I don't recall price. Note that they no longer pick you up at your car - you carry luggage to elevator and meet the bus on the first floor. Same when returning - bus drops you off at elevator and you carry your luggage to the car. Not bad if you are on a short trip, but a hassle if you have a bunch of luggage. The upside is that they can run one bus and make very quick trips to and from the airport. Bus drivers were friendly and helpful. No attendants - payment is all automated.
Great Staff
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(December 15, 2010) Its seems that the staff at this location is great. Very good service.
Weekly Traveler
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(July 6, 2010) I have used this facility on a regular basis since AMPCO took it over in April, 2008. It is the fastest, least expensive covered parking at Hobby Airport, with an efficient, helpful, friendly staff who will go the extra mile. EXCELLENT
Still Great
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(June 14, 2010) They seem to be gtting faster. I have noticed 3 buses at peak time. Nice guys and service.
Third stay here.
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(April 17, 2010) I will make Super Park my PLACE TO KEEP MY CAR AND FILL SAFE. This was the third stay and it was a great place . Loved how they keep up with where your car is for you. Sometimes we forget.
Great People working there
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(March 19, 2010) I think they may see you coming down the road. The drivers are always courteous and willing to help with my luggage. Normally I have very little luggage but they are willing to help and get me to the airport. When pull in to park it seems like they knew I would be there because I get out of my car and they are there waiting for me. I understand they have been very busy and even on the busiest days, a two to three minute wait is not bad. The garage is right across the street from the airport and it is a very short trip. I reccomend giving SuperPark a try and I normally do not reccomend very much on the internet.
Happy Camper
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(March 13, 2010) Had a great experence last week . I left my laptop on the bus . I called the number on the yellow card and the driver rushed it back to me. Good to see we still have a few honest people. Also great fast service.
Airport Employee.
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(March 12, 2010) Great service , cheap, most of the time 5 minutes or less pickup. This is the place to park.