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0.4 miles from PVD
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Open 24/7
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2053 Post Rd, Warwick, RI, 02886, US


Target Park knows that parking is the first and last impression of a location, and strives to make it a stress-free experience for its customers. Target Park partners with landlords and businesses to provide safe, clean, well-lit parking lots that are easy to use and staffed by friendly employees.

Target Park provides a unique valet parking experience. In order to experience the fullness of the service please arrive at Target Park 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the airport. Most airlines advisee a 2-hour window for domestic and 3 hours for international flights. Print and be ready to present your reservation confirmation upon arrival. 

When you arrive at Target Park, attendants will:

 -Provide a full overview of the valet process, and provide you with a link for retrieving your vehicle upon your return,.

 -Comfortably take you in your own car to the drop off point, assist you with your luggage, then securely park your car in the well-lit lot.

-One day prior to your return to PVD you will receive a reminder text message from Target Park's messaging system giving instructions for retrieving your vehicle.

-Once you return to the airport and have taken the skybridge to the end of the moving walkways, and have taken the elevator to the right of the First Hertz Counter, then click the link provided in your text message and the attendant will come and drop your car off to you.


NO SHUTTLE SERVICE AVAILABLE. Transportation is provided to the airport in the customer’s own vehicle for a more stress free and comfortable experience. At pick up customers will be met at the Skywalk once more in the customer’s vehicle. (If a customer has overstayed their original booking they will need to return to the office. They will be charged the additional fee at that point.) 

Customers will be picked up and dropped off from the Skywalk 24/7.

Print and Present your reservation upon arrival to Target Park

Additional services like vehicle detailing are available upon request.  

**PLEASE NOTE: There will be an additional charge of $2.00 per day charged upon your arrival at the lot if your vehicle is a PICKUP TRUCK or a LARGE OVERSIZED SUV (Suburban, Denali, Van, etc..)**

**Target Park also offers its customers full detailing services for your vehicle**


 Target Park is proud to offer its customers full detailing services for their vehicle while they travel. From a simple car wash only, to a full interior/exterior beautification of your prized possession. After booking your reservation on AirportParkingReservations.com, contact Target Park  to make your appointment and treat your vehicle to a day at the Target Park spa!


 1. Deluxe Package includes: Exterior hand wash, Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells, Road Residue, Windows, Wax & Machine Buff: Interior includes armor all to doors, cup holders, compartments, vacuum & shampoo floors, seats & carpets, and jams. Cars $199 --- Trucks & SUV’s $225

 2. Premium Package Includes: Exterior hand wash, wheel wells, rims, tires, windows, hand dry; Interior Includes vacuum, windows, door jams, armor all surfaces, cup holders and vents. Cars $100 ---- Trucks & SUV’s $125  

 3. Express Package Includes: Exterior hand wash, rims, tires, wheel wells windows; Interior Includes: Vacuum & Windows Only Cars $50 --- Trucks & SUV’s $ 75

4. Got Animals Package: Interior Only; Door Jams, Vents, Cup Holders, Hatchbacks, shampoo & vacuum, pet deodorizer, interior windows and finished with complementary air freshener. Cars $75--- Trucks & SUV’s $95

5. Buff & Wax Package: Hand wash and dry followed by a high-quality shine from the buff and wax package: Cars $ 75------ Trucks & SUV’s $99  


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