Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - South (Domestic) Terminal Long Term Lot 2 reviews

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4600 Postmark Dr, Anchorage, AK 99502
0.4 miles from airport

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Most Recent Customer Reviews (2 reviews)
Very Rude Parking Attendant
Verified e-mail Review
(December 21, 2009) On my parking exit Dec. 21, 2009, 12:58 midnight, while I was waiting for my credit card receipt, this parking attendant yelled at me --GO! GO ! GO!, I told him politely that I am going as soon as I get my receipt which would only take 1 second, (receipt from my credit card) he yelled at me again, YOU HAVE TO GO, YOU HAVE TO GO. My relatives who came from Oregon visiting Alaska were mortified with this parking attendant's behavior. He kept waving his hands and kept yelling again GO! Go! Go!, so I drove away. Is this how you guys treat people who used your parking lot? There is no reason for you guys to treat us like us that. Your parking attendant was very scary, kept screaming at us to leave as soon as we paid, not letting me get the copy of my receipt from my payment! My relatives recommended to use the dimond parking to get them from the airport from now on.
Lied to us twice about having jumper cables to start cars in sub
Unverified Review
(January 4, 2009) Just want somebody to know how rippin' mad I am at this moment. The Republic Parking staff at the Anchorage International Airport (Alaska...Ted Stevens International Airport) LIED TO US TWICE. My husband is at this moment stranded there at subzero temperatures. He called those people to ask about the possibility of a jump starting a frozen car after two weeks away over the holidays while leaving his car in their long-term parking. They have NO plugins for heating equipment already on the car (needed in Alaska!). He was told once when he called, and I was also told when I called, that they would NO PROBLEM help start his car. He now finds out they lied. Even WalMart has a car-start device. His option is to call a tow truck at his own expense. I've only begun to complain and am starting here. Somebody should know. Everybody should know. We're planning a vacation in February & won't use Republic Parking "Service" airport parking. There are other lon-term options in the vicinity. Victoria