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40 Lee Burbank Highway, Revere, MA 02128
(617) 568-0100
2.9 miles from airport
5-10 min
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Outdoor Valet


Services Offered:
Valet ParkingValet
Oil ChangeOil Change
Car WashCar Wash
All taxes included in daily rate.
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
Shuttle Information:
Free shuttle, continuous operation 24-7.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THE CHELSEA STREET BRIDGE IS CLOSED! Please be sure to map your route prior to driving to the lot. Conveniently located just 2 miles South of the Airport Proper. 24-7 Operation, fully fenced and secured by an on-duty security person. Continuous shuttle service to your airline terminal access. Friendly and efficient luggage assistance. Your car will be available upon your return, free of ice and snow in the winter and cooled in the summer. This location offers Zingle (SMS Text based) payment option.


Most Recent Customer Reviews (278 reviews)
Great service but...
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(December 17, 2017) Although the staff was friendly and everything went well I am disappointed that they must have left my car running for hours as there was about 130 miles worth of fuel range lost. I didn't notice this until I had already left the facility. My car has a proximity remote and a push button start and it will stay running if you don't shut it off, which is apparently what happened. We have used Thrifty Airport parking in the past, and will likely use them again in the future but I will be sure to remind the staff to make sure my car is shut off.
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(December 12, 2017) Very good will definitely use again!
Great option for BOS parking
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(November 30, 2017) We've parked with Thrifty a few times now, and we've had good experiences. Staff are usually friendly and are generally efficient and competent. Wait time for shuttles has been at most 10 minutes, usually less. They're great about bringing your car around so that it's ready to go when you get back to the lot. We'll keep coming here when we need airport parking.
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(October 30, 2017) Staff was courteous and service was great and easy!
Great service
Unverified Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 min
(October 20, 2017) ...if you don't care about your car. If they will steal $x.xx in quarters from my car, what will they take from yours? You have to leave your key to your vehicle, my seat was moved, radio station changed, the aforementioned money was missing, who knows what else. I'm extremely skeptical of the artificially high reviews here. I made mine a 5 star so maybe it won't be removed. In reality, I wouldn't give it 1
Convenient place
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 5-10 min
(September 20, 2017) My checkin and checkout were very quick. The place is fairly close to Logan and my flights were in the evening. I think if you are trying to get there during peak hour it may take longer to get to or from the airport.
Excellent Service
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: <5 min
(September 4, 2017) From arrival through departure, Thrifty personnel were helpful, responsive and effective in delivering on the firm's promises.
Convenient Parking with a smile
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 0 min
(August 11, 2017) We drove from Connecticut to Boston to fly put of Logan Airport. We found the 'park and ride' on line and made reservations. Once we arrived the shuttle bus with the driver was waiting. We went in to verify my reservation and off we went to the airport. The driver was very courteous, friendly and kind. Once our flight returned back to Logan several days later. I did exactly what the guy behind the desk had instructed me to do when we return. No wait at all, the shuttle happen to be there. Again, the driver was kind, helpful and courteous. Our vehicle was waiting for us at the door. We loaded up the car, looked all around the vehicle to make sure there was no damage. There was no damage and we left. We will recommend them and use them again!!!!
Lots of waiting and rude staff
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: >30 min
(July 23, 2017) We waited over 30 minutes for the shuttle. No answer when we called. When we did finally get there our car was not ready. We had texted our assigned number over 30 minutes prior (while WAITING for the shuttle). The girl at the desk was yelling on the phone to her boyfriend. When we told her we texted out number she (finally) looked at the register and behold our pick-up slip had printed. She then, with out speaking to us, went to get our car. When she returned she was on her cell phone again yelling. She did not even acknowledge us. Just walked by (yelling on the phone).
Return to car
Verified Stay Review
Reviewers' Shuttle Wait: 10-15 min
(July 16, 2017) The staff were very polite. Quality & timeliness of shuttle bus was good. The check in/out process was easy and smooth. However my car was not the way I left it. When I returned to my car I found the AC was on. My satellite radio was blasting and on a channel I do not listen to. The towel on my floor mat to cover them was wet. I find this service unacceptable. Due to this situation even through the process was smooth I would think twice about using this airport valet parking next time I need to park at the airport.
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