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new Thrifty Airport Parking PVD

1 miles from PVD
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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2329 Post Road, Warwick, RI, 02886, US


Thrifty Airport Valet Parking, Open 24-7, Safe-Secure and Convenient.

Valet Attendent will assist you with your luggage, help you board the continuous Free shuttle, and park your car. Your car will be waiting upon your return warmed in the winter, free of ice and snow; cooled in the summer.

Full Auto Service Available to Include State Inspections, Oil Changes, Brakes, or Full Cleaning and Detail Service.

This location offers Zingle (SMS Text based) payment option.

Continuous FREE Shuttle running in five-eight minute increments

1. How long has Thrifty Providence been in operation?
30 plus years - Top performer in customer service evaluations.

2. Can I earn Frequent Flyer Miles while I park with you?
For every third parking event, you are eligible to receive 250 Frequent Flyer Miles or .50 Southwest Rapid Rewards.

3. Do I need a reservation for Auto Service or Cleaning and Detail Service?
Although it is not required it is recommended. Short duration travel may limit availability to these services depending on demand.


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