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new Towne Park - Seattle Marriott SEA

1.7 miles from SEA
Free Shuttle
Open 24/7
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3201 South 176th Street, SeaTac, WA, 98188, US


This parking facility is conveniently located at the Seattle Airport Marriott. Valet and Shuttle services operated by Towne Park, Ltd. 

  • Self Parking: Upon arrival, drive up to the parking gate located on the North side of the building (closest to 176th Street), press the button on the machine for a parking ticket. Pull around to the South (back) side of the building to park in the 10-row parking lot. Keep your parking ticket and reservation with you, as this will need to be presented to attendant upon return.
  • Valet Parking: Upon arrival, drive up to the valet podium located at the front of the hotel and present your parking reservation to the valet attendant. You will be given a claim ticket which is needed to retrieve your vehicle. 


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