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All About YYZ Airport

Parking at YYZ

As the primary airway serving Toronto, the Toronto Pearson Airport has a wide gamut of parking options. The airport itself offers everything from express to daily parking from a total of 12 on-airport lots. These lots offer covered, uncovered, valet, and value quality for passenger autos. The prices can range between $20 to $40 dollars per day. However, if you are planning to use YYZ Airport for long-term parking those rates can be a little costly. This is why many travelers planning for an extended stay find the best option is an off-site lot.

Off-site lots not only offer convenience with round-the-clock shuttle service but also provide top-level security as well. Toronto Pearson has a number of off-site locations that service its numerous travelers. If you want to find the best one for your specific dollar let our site help you.

We have partnered with a wide variety of top-level off-site lots to offer you both price and quality. Our online service will find the best YYZ parking options available at a cost you can afford. You can peruse rates, services, hotel parking options, and consumer reviews to find your perfect fit. Then you can go ahead and schedule your reservation all from the comfort of our site. It is as simple as point-and-click.

Getting to YYZ Airport

The Toronto Pearson Airport is a busy airway. It serves over 40 million travelers a year in its position as the main gateway to Toronto itself. YYZ offers a bevy of options to help departing travelers reach its terminals. If you have a trip to YYZ coming up there are public transportation, shuttle, and driving options available.

For YYZ drivers the airport is accessible directly from Highway 409 and Highway 427 with local access provided by Dixon and Airport Roads. It has express, short term, and long term parking options available. Whether dropping off or parking the airport is easily accessible, however, travel times vary depending on your distance from the airport.

Public transportation options are also present in the form of taxi and limo service, airport buses, long-range buses, and long-range rail transportation. Long-range transport is accessible throughout Ontario and Canada. So no matter where you are YYZ can be reached comfortably, conveniently, and in style.

For YYZ shuttle users the airport offers several options. You can book a public and private shuttle to pick you up from home. Airport hotels and off-site lots also offer periodic shuttle service as well. So no matter where you are or how many people you are traveling with, you can find a shuttle service to meet your needs.

Getting Around YYZ

YYZ Airport has two public terminals and an infield terminal. Terminal 1 is the largest airport terminal in Canada and contains 58 gates. Terminal 3 is smaller but not by much. It holds 46 gates. The infield terminal has 11 gates but is only open for seasonal overflow. This may seem a bit daunting but YYZ makes navigation easy. Terminal 1 is home to the fastest terminal walkway in the world, the ThyssenKrupp Express Walkway. It ferries passengers efficiently from gate to gate making terminal travel easy and swift. YYZ is also home to a terminal link train that ferries travelers easily from Terminal 1 to 3.

When arriving at the airport travelers can access both Terminal 1 and three directly from two connecting parking garages. Terminal 1 is serviced by an eight-story parking garage and Terminal 3 is connected by a five-story parking garage. Each garage connects to the airport via bridged and elevated walkways. Terminal 3 is also directly connected to the Sheraton Hotel that serves as the closet airport hotel to YYZ.

Toronto Pearson has plenty of things for travelers to do once inside its terminals. Apart from a variety of shops and restaurants, YYZ Airport has attractions and leisure options. Level 3 of Terminal 1 is home to a free airport lounge for passengers who want to kick back and relax. The Sheraton Hotel also has a full Spa and Salon. Passengers can also enjoy tiny spa treatments from 10 Minute Manicure. If you are looking for attractions the airport has plenty of artwork and sculptures to look at, as well as a full diorama showcasing dinosaur fossils. Just don't get too distracted or you'll miss your flight.

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